BREAKING: Don’t rush to congratulate Tinubu – US Senator warns Biden

Jim Risch, the United States (US) Senator on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has warned his country and President Joe Biden against embracing the outcome of the presidential election in Nigeria.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the February 25 election produced Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as president-elect.

A number of irregularities and shortcomings marred the National Assembly and Presidential elections, from alleged fabricated figures from key states to glitches connected to the Result Viewing Portal of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

In a statement released on Friday, sent to POLITICS NIGERIA, Risch said the “rush” of authorities to “embrace” the results of the 2023 presidential election, “will undermine our (the US’) ability to be an effective partner to all Nigerians, especially given their (Nigeria’s) longstanding desire for democracy”.

Risch’s statement reads in full: “The electoral process in Nigeria is widely viewed as deeply flawed by election observers and many Nigerians.

“It is disappointing to see the administration rush to embrace the result while the full picture of what occurred during this electoral process is yet to be seen.

“I’ve expressed similar concerns related to other areas of our relationship with the Nigerian government. I worry this rush to judgement will undermine our ability to be an effective partner to all Nigerians, especially given their longstanding desire for democracy.

“With Nigeria heading into state-level elections in just a few days (March 11), it is important that the United States be more concerned with supporting the Nigerian people and their democratic aspirations than embracing the Nigerian government.”

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    1. The allegation is false. The winner Sen Bola Ahmed Tinubu didn’t manipulate results. He won under the sabotage of Some Christian personalities who oppose Muslim Muslim ticket. This has nothing to do with people’s choice in the sense that the PDP that bought the whole of our privatized companies that generated cash for government in the past which cause the present administration to live on loan . The simple reason is that the only remaining Federal government investment NNPC can only give 30% funding in our annual budget and Custom duties 27% while IGR 17% all together gives 74% in our annual budget. The remaining 26% has to come from loan. And the stakeholders of the PDP are the owner of trans corp company that bought all our privatized companies at peanuts on irrevocable agreement. This is the cause of economic hardship and naira crash daily for it is importation landing fees that determine the price of things in the market. That is why government does not have power over price control. The PDP stake holders are in control of economy. They bought the all our seaports. Now that APCggovernment has gotten a solution for the restoration of our economy through the trade by bartar between Nigeria and America also UK that will complete the construction shortly. That’s is why they used every means and failed to defeat the winner from APC, Sen Ahmed Tinubu . It is a clean and clear election. They are all telling lies. Both PDP and Labour Party including NNPC are one from the same PDP. Their plan is to come and sell both NNPC and Ajaokuta Steel industries for themselves. APCare visionaries. Disregard those feeding you with wrong information. ASIWAJU Bola Ahmed Tinubu won outrightly. Nothing like religious biogotry. He is your product from University of Chicago Illinois. We voted him to power as president. Thanks. PSTElijah I D AADEYANJU.
      Chartered Counselor.
      Lagos Based International Evangelist.

  1. Yes… It’s a rigging election… Please we want you to cancelled the presidential election, for god sake, we beg you!

    1. What Happened To The US Election That Pushed Donald Trump Out Office. Election Was Not Only Disputed But The Credibility Questioned. No American Living Has The Moral Right To Talk About Nigeria 2023 Election. Gun Shot Was Heard At Capitol House For The First Time In The History Of America

  2. Armed robbers… American stay away from nigeria election! Nigeria is not having issue anymore about the general election, the election is free and fair

    1. May Almighty God punish you and your unborn generation for saying the election is free and fair

    2. America don’t forget that world think that you are doing Happy to every world but surprised to hear this from this please stay away from Nigeria let Nigeria leave with peace
      Tinubu/Atiku/Obi they all well and Tinubu is our right man this time thanks

    3. It’s a big lie
      It wasn’t free and fair election.
      The election was rigged.
      In short there was no presidential election in Nigeria.

    4. Pls we are still having issue. We never voted for Mr tinubu, we voted massively for peter obi.
      The election was heavily rigged & not free & fair. Tinubu is never our choice & God’s choice, he stolen the mandate & must surrender it to the rightful owner.

    5. Thunder fire you with free and fair. You didn’t see the thugs in Lagos and ballot boxes destroyed especially those that connects to APC. Don’t be a fool

    6. You are mad and I cause you and your generation for causing pains to Nigerians and stealing our votes causing people early death, you won’t see the end of this month you’re the armed robber

    7. Hold it there,,,, who told you the election was free and fair?
      The only free and fair election Nigeria ever had was during our former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, apart from that all other elections after it were all rigged.

    8. God bless p.d…. a.p.c. balablue bulaba you they here too… Abeg go meet ur papa(jagaban) make una continue the rigging oooo. Nonsense

    9. What is the essence, but he is telling the truth, is their not irregularities in this just concluded presidential elections

    1. Tell yourself a simple truth,Mr mark we need eurpean union to fix and correct our so called politicians

    2. Angel mark are alright which election is free an fair,this is the worst election in Nigeria history of election.

  3. Armed robbers… American stay away from nigeria election! Nigeria is not having issue anymore about the general election, the election is free and fair

  4. Well spotted…… I hope this time the west set aside their personal gains and stand on the side of posterity by condemning this sham of an election

  5. This senator should respect Nigerian sovereignty. Nigeria never interfered with theirs in days of Donald Trump & Biden discripancies

  6. We were introduced to this system by The so-called Americans so they should let us be we have had enough problems in this country

  7. Thank you very much, it seems as US and UK are partner to this evil dids to the people of Nigeria Biden your party during Obama helped to installed Buhari through fraudulent and you again.

  8. It’s a big lie
    It wasn’t free and fair election.
    The election was rigged.
    In short there was no presidential election in Nigeria.

  9. Which free and fair but if that is your own free and fair so be it for you and as far as you are alive the Almighty God will always pushed to where you will be getting this kind of injustices as a Fair justice and If you ever complained the thunders from the heavens will strike you death.

  10. United Satan Army ..U are not better..u rigged Trump out of power…U are the Satan in the world today..U are the cancer that spread wars around the world…u are the day and night vampire.. May the lord deliver US into the hands of China for destructions … Bastard immoral , homosexual,cursed land of lesbianism and gaysm..

    1. Bro that’s totally a lie, Trump was never rigged out of office, the Democrats deceived the people of America to vote them in by orchestrating the BLM movements and others, making the blacks and few other race to see Republican party as the demon of the world, whereas they the Democrats are the true demon’s of the world, the USA election between Biden and Trump was all free and fare and Democrats won the election with wide margins….
      Though, I am not a fan of American government due to their evil acts everywhere in the world, but I totally support them to help us get Tinubu and arrest him for all his atrocities, he doesn’t value anyone and has no fear of God in him, he totally forced himself on the people despite knowing, that he is not the will of the people, unlike 2015 when president Muhammadu Buhari was the will of the people, without the people knowing that they re being deceived by same Tinubu, Fashola, Fayemi, Nasiru El Rufai and others, many of them regreted joining to oust the then president Goodluck Jonathan, but Tinubu & co are just animals without conscience and without having the people at heart, so they want to continue in that way..!!
      And now he has forced himself on the people and if measures are not taking it will continue like this till God knows…

  11. He who support evil will die with the devil the who created the world that we are leaving will fight evil
    He said in the book of Psalms that he is angry with the wicked and he said”I have sharple my arrow and my sword to destroy the wicked and he said to the obedient children in exodus 14verse14 and God said be obedient and watch how i will fight your battle for you and you shall hold your peace.
    The Egyptians we see year ago we shall see them no more praise God

  12. How there you made such statement?
    The worse elections in the history of Nigeria
    Nigeria is doomed

  13. Well said, siding with a corrupt and oppressive government that rigged their way into power isn’t the way to go, rather helping the Nigerian people achieve democracy and get their rightful leader will be alot more beneficial to the American-Nigerian partnership eventually.

  14. Bdave…u are the biggest fool the world has ever seen or heard off… because u are APC people that has sold there concise to the devil..ur party used thuggery to distrupt the election children of vipers rigging the entire election.

  15. The worst election Nigerians has ever experienced in the history of democracy. United State of American pls come into this matter because we cannot continue to live in a country where there is so much corruption among our leaders, killings, kidnapping, hardship and suffering Everywhere. They have stoling the mandate of the people’s choice of candidate.

  16. Thank you senator, ee no that is what we see in this part of the world. Injustice every where. Am totaly angry about the outcome of the 2023 presidential election.

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