BREAKING: DSS arrests syndicates selling new currency notes; bank officials implicated

The Department of State Services (DSS) on Monday said it has arrested some members of organised syndicates involved in the sale of the redesigned naira notes.

A statement by Peter Afunanya, the secret police’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), sent to POLITICS NIGERIA, revealed this.

The DSS accused some commercial banks’ officials of “aiding the economic malfeasance”.

The statement partly reads: “In the course of its operations in parts of the country, it was established that some Commercial Bank officials are aiding the economic malfeasance.

“Consequently, the Service warns the currency racketeers to desist from this ignoble act. Appropriate regulatory authorities are, in this same vein, urged to step up monitoring and supervisory activities to expeditiously address the emerging trends.

“It should be noted that the Service has ordered its Commands and Formations to further ensure that all persons and groups engaged in the illegal sale of the notes are identified.

“Therefore, anyone with useful information relating to this is encouraged to pass the same to the relevant authorities.”

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  1. The CBN and the law enforcement agencies should come out hard on bank executives and bank officials,to them everything is an avenue to make money,the aid and abet every economic and financial crimes in this country from corruption to money laundry,Yahoo Yahoo to ransoms for kidnapping,currency racketeering to illegal transactions on behalf of dubious clients etc. I’m not surprised that they have played similar role in trying to sabotage this policy and by extension bringing untold hardship on the people. Enough is enough,I urge the authorities to come hard on them!

  2. Please oo I POS operation along Lagos Abeokuta express in Ogun state where selling the new Naira redesigning to worker opposite international brewery, and it make things had for people living around there.
    Also collecting new Naira additional charges

  3. The DSS if truly they are working needs to investigate all banks vis-a-vis politicians because I have a reliable information that banks load new currency in millions to politicians without regard ls to the ethics of banking. How can a politician have a huge amount of money conveyed to his house by bank officials and the same DSS officers will be the excort. Anyway am only waiting for Peter Obi to win else am denouncing my citizenship.

  4. Pls and corrupt media system. Bring out the names of the criminals stop protecting them for your interest.

    1. Stop this media deceit,you are corrupt, you hide and protect criminals. If you made good investigation, review the bank officials and the salers.

  5. It’s not just enough to arrest them but let them be speedily prosecuted to serve as a detarrant to others.

  6. Some unscrupulous elements in the country have this habits of making use of any new development as an opportunity to achieve selfish interest. This is punishable and it should be made public to serve as deterrent to the likes

  7. Honestly the way this country is going adequate measure need to in place to help reduce the hardship and surffering that a commoner is person through then some set of people are living bouyant ,,
    Let them face the law

  8. What is the essence of arresting some people today and tomorrow they are released …. Is like those who are claimed arrested do not have names, they are ghosts. We need evidence not news. Only God knows what to believe

  9. Before government can totally eradicate the old note they should make sure the new note is well circulated….

    1. Policy Sumasault!! Only God can save us in Nigeria! The big & mighty rich ones are smiling while the poor innocent people are suffering Oh Lord God, have mercy on Your people

  10. Almost ALL the POS in Minna Niger State have been selling each #1000 they charge #100 naira. Confirm from public.

  11. You don’t need to be informed, just go into the markets and see for yourself how the new redesigned naira notes are displayed on the table, while the masses or suffering.

  12. Thank you very much DSS. I have been overly prepared to rant my veins on bank managers if anyone of them dare charge me any illicit charges for the exchange of old Naira for the new one.

  13. Why arrest them? When banks refused to release the new notes, that’s nonsense. I hate to read rubbish let them come and collect the trophy

  14. For the election seek i will say i love this change i see including the scarcity of money let’s see this country vote a fair vote for the candidate of their choice i have not see anything good in our govt but i love their decision and their stand on this matter

  15. For POS, We’re not selling it. Just as the FGN is charging us #37 on each withdrawal, plus SMS alert and long queue of waiting, so also we’re charging customer. I can’t give you#5000 for #500. If you don’t want to pay, go to any nearby ATM if at all you have money there, withdraw.

  16. Politians have hijacked the new notes redesigned naira notes in commercial Infact, Bank Managers are making Bliss business in millions of dollars and naira.You can’t beat Nigerians

  17. This shows how confused this government is,they know the right thing to do. My pain is when they perform little of their function they come online to advertise it as if they have done something special,this all we hear, but how it ends we don’t hear it, tomorrow this people don’t get prosecuted and they still go back doing same thing. If this money is available will there be need for Nigerians buying their own currency. It is a big shame to us

  18. That’s the only logical way out. The CBN should learn from tactics adopted in 1968, 1972 and 1985 to ease tension arising from change in currency. With the CBN governor relating directly with the President on this policy thus avoiding the Minister for Finance, it is evident that the two ministries under the President – petroleum and the now acquired finances – are now in jeopardy. Please, let separation of duty prevail even in our polity. God bless Nigeria.

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