BREAKING: DSS raises alarm over plot to destabilize Nigeria, makes revelation


The Department of State Security Services, DSS has issued an alert to Nigerians over a plot to destabilize the country.

In a statement sent to POLITICS NIGERIA on Monday evening, signed by its spokesperson, Peter Afunanya, the security outfit revealed that certain interest groups and highly placed individuals were scheming to foster Chaos in the country.

“The Department of State Services (DSS) has uncovered plans by some persons and groups desirous of taking advantage of latest developments in parts of the country to destabilize it.”

“Some prominent personalities and socio-cultural groups have resorted to divisive acts through inciting statements aimed at pitting individuals, groups and ethnic nationalities against another. The Service is, without doubt, aware of these plans and their sponsors.”

“Consequently, it warns that it will no longer tolerate the orchestrations by subversive and unscrupulous elements to cause a breakdown of law and order in the country.”

“In this regard, it is working assiduously with relevant authorities and sister security and law enforcement agencies to ensure that the sinister objective is not achieved.”

“The Service reiterates its commitment to the internal security of Nigeria and will, within the confines of the law, decisively deal with planners of the mayhem.”

“Law abiding citizens are urged to go about their normal businesses and disregard the antics of agents of destabilization.”

“They should, however, avail the Service and related agencies with useful information about the activities of criminals and groups intent on instigating violence in the country.”

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  1. Nonsensical nonsense! It is this government that is distabilizing this nation thru the activities of the murderous Fulani herdsmen who go about on daily basis, killing other tribes of other religions. It is a form of ethnic and religious cleansing. In fact, I am tempted to conclude that the activities of this murderous Fulani herdsmen is a pet project of this government

    1. On point. Why can’t DSs consider changing it’s name to Department of Fulani Security. No one will be cowed with their approach. All the power in the world cannot kill peoples idea and perception. ‘ DFS’ stock in trade is the old antic, arrest, torture, maime and annihilate. The world is already too advanced for your old style.

  2. Yet they can find out ahead and stop/expose/leak the masacred of Nigerians by these fulanis terrorists.
    What a shame

  3. There’s no smokes without fire ! What baffle me most is that how enemies of Nigeria and Nigerians within and outside have being planning evils against it . And it will be wise to those who don’t continue as Nigerians and then the road is clear and clean for them moves elsewhere . We want peace for our peaceful continue existence as one nation .

    1. It’s already beginning to catch up with you. Continue to spew trash . Soon everyone will know the road to his father’s house.A bunch of suckers.

  4. Ur intelligence discovery can not help you to arest criminal Fulani ethics demos that are killing good citizens across the but the other way round abi¿??

  5. The country is already destabilized what else, a country that a citizen will have to get the basic amenities, at the same time provide security for ur slfe, Nigeria is not worth deying for.

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