BREAKING: EFCC Boss, Ibrahim Magu suspended

The embattled chairman of the Economic and Financial crimes commission, Ibrahim Magu has been suspended.

POLITICS NIGERIA gathered on Tuesday afternoon, the Nigerian Presidency suspended Magu from heading the anti-corruption agency.

Magu’s suspension comes a day after he was grilled by an inter-agency presidential panel on allegations of Corruption.

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  1. It is good for mangu.He was playing thr role of executor for APC. He only beaming his search light on people opposed to the APC government. He has been used and dumped

  2. Corruption has become cancerous in Nigerians blood streams because we value and respect riches irrespevtive of its means more than good name .

  3. The Senate of Federal Republic of Nigeria rejected the nomination of Magu as EFCC boss. Unfortunately for Nigerian’s the President kept him in office as acting Chairman of EFCC. The resent developments has shown that he lacks the moral
    and itergrity qualities to head the exaulted office of EFCC chairman. The eight Senate that rejected his nomination has been vindicated.

  4. What was his crime,him being 15yrs does not mean when someone does something wrong he should not be punished this are part of the reason crimes are on the rise in our country. Remember justice delayed is justice denied, if his crime warrants death he should be killed to serve as deterrent to others.

  5. God fatherism would never stop in Nigeria … Malami is fighting magu because he has refused to be loyal..

    Like the saying goes , if you are not loyal you would suffer ‍♀️

  6. Very unfortunate,if this report is true. looters are very powerful in Nigeria, since when they want Ibrahim magu to removed.

  7. If that is the case then nigeria youth should start doing yahoo seems the case has been suspended nigeria my country where they will white and call it black useless pple

  8. Na wa ooo, chai could this be true, any way i saw it coming, this is naija anything goes. No body is exempted from corruption in this country because we have fertile land for corruption. It will take an angel in human flesh to truly change our situation. The question is when? And how?

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