BREAKING: Father Mbaka Protests against Fulani Herdsmen [PHOTOS]

The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, AMEN, Fr. Ejike Mbaka has embarked on a man protest against the killing of a priest by Fulani Herdsmen in Enugu state.

Mbaka and several other priests protested the murder of one of their own and the Parish Priest of St. James Greater Parish, Ugbawka, Rev. Father Paul Offu who was gruesomely murdered on Thursday.

His placard read; “When will this madness of the Fulani Herdsmen stop?”

This development is coming alongside the kidnap of 5 Pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG by suspected bandits.

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  1. Mbaka,beware of what you wish for.Mr. Mbaka,your Buhari is the divine bread and herdsmen are the body of your communion, therefore, carry on with unholy worship.

  2. Too bad to think every killing in our south east Nigeria where killings happen everyday is being done by Fulani herdsmen. Criminals hide under herdsmen name to commit crime yet we blindly think otherwise. Lets grow up. Our land has been a hostile one b4 now. Political frustration should not turn to political opposition.

    If the north send our people back home, we will suffer more. Let’s be cautious..!

    1. You’ve COMPROMISED my brother on Christ. Why are you an APOLOGIST? What are you afraid of? Good Luck.

  3. They have now successfully drag Father’s and their members in the mess they have created because of their looting and power hunger. A Father murdered in the East, next day five church members kidnapped in the West. Am I missing something here. Common sense must prevail. We should start looking inward.

  4. Bishop Mbaka is yet to protest if what he is doing now is true from his buharist heart. We are yet to see the worst. What is happening now is a trial-and-error attempt. This is a foretaste of the ugliest, unless God in his infinite wisdom intervenes. Until the wounded rise up together to confront the wounder, nothing different will happen in this country.

  5. So Rev Father Mabaka is getting the heat too,i thought e is the best friend of this useless administration. Let him go to Abuse and complain to his friend Buhari.

  6. Father Mbamaka is an oracle of the most high God . He does not paint prophesy to suit people . He delivers the message the way it comes from God without sentiment . Even if the message goes against the people’s wish , he still delivers it like that . He is the Jeremaiah of our time . Jeremaiah was put in the dry well because he delivered God’s message raw but after every thing , the doom he prophesied camw upon Israel . Father Mbaka like any true prophet don’t have the power to chose a leader but could always tell who would be the the leader. God choses the person he likes the good of the society or for the punishment of the society and when he does , he would reveal it to his oracle like Mbaka . Mbaka never took any bribe from any leader . Remember that Mbaka prophesied about a coming blood shade in this country . Let us not ignore or attack this priest that God has given to safe Igbo land . His prophesies call for prayers . Even if you attack or kill him , his prophesies must take place . Mbaka loves Igbo’s more than those sycophants who are embezzled the funds meant for eastern development . His position has been that the political leaders in Igbo land embezzled all our money and frustrated the used and began to use them as tools just for their selfish political purpose . In one of his talks he said that if some of these politicians would come out to partake in agitation, that he Mbaka would take the lead on the street . It’s very unfortunate that most times people , because of their desires , loose sense of reasoning and justice and these are Christains who claim to know the Bible .God have mercy on them

  7. This is not Rev.Father Mbaka, this is pure photo shop, people are so wicked, Mbaka wasn’t around the day of this protest, He traveled before the day, he was in Abuja that particular day and he’s even against the protest, why did people lying against a servant of God, is wickedness

  8. Mbaka the next is you, Buhari is whom you have campaigned for, I believe that you will still preach good about him. Because of money, mbaka I will advise you to read luke 12:14-22


  9. I always love this gentleman. Not because he is a clergy man, so to say. However, because is a sincere man, a peculiar person indeed. In politics, it is the right of an individual to exercise his or her civic duties by engaging in any political arm as he likes. For Mr. Nbaka to joined hands with Buhari in 2915 was his right, only a moron will blame him for that. Had it been he did the same in 2019, hence, he opened the door for blame, but didn’t.
    Coming out this time around as to make his mind known about the killer herdsmen, there is nothing wrong with that at all. However, my take is that, Mr. Nbaka should have used his position and authority to first scrutinize his home first before scrutinizing other people’s home. Truth be told, the $100 billion dollars that was given to the herdsmen (Meyiti Alahp) that empowers them for our death today was given to them by our honorable brother, Ifeanyi Emefiele, the present Governor of Central bank of Nigeria. So, he paid the enemies to kill all his brothers and sisters in the southern Nigerians, just to be retained or continue as the Central bank governor. What a shame. These is one of the reasons why the powers to be said Ibos can never be the president of Nigeria. The same statement was made to me in 2010 by some Hausa-fulani elite when I went to Nigeria to support Nuhu Ribadu along side with Dr. Igochukwu the supposedly Nuhu Ribadu Vice then. I was so mad with them that I nearly commit Hara-Kiri that day. My humble advice is that the ibos should go back to their drawing board to decipher something good and great that will make their enemies become their friends in that country. Something is wrong somewhere that can only be found in the bosom of the Ibos. I know they will abuse me with this, however, the Erudites among them will see truth to this. I rest my case for now.
    Abejide Olusegun is my name

    1. I will say, if Mbaka really protect, it’s a shame. Blood shed is what he used to campaigned against president GEJ when I said GOODLUCK has become BADLUCK. That adoration faithful should vote for Buhari as he is the one to stop the blood shed. What an irony.

  10. PLEASE christianity is not our religion, the day we realize that is the day things begins to change for good for the igbos

  11. After your one man protest, please talk to Buhari because you prophesied for him to be President of Nigeria. Does he really consider these protests?

  12. Please my brothers and sisters,I still believe ” God is still alive ” He knows about Nigeria’s situation and conditions and He will surely bring salvation to us in no distant time. Let us stop apportioning blames instead go back to God in prayers.

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