BREAKING: FG grounds Peter Obi’s Plane in Lagos, Obidients Stranded [PHOTOS]


The Nigerian Government has reportedly grounded a plane being used by Labour party Candidate, Peter Obi and his supporters for campaigns around the country.

Obi was scheduled to be in Ibadan for a campaign rally but was not allowed to fly as authorities grounded the plane for ‘Regulatory’ reasons.

This was confirmed in a statement by Diran Onifade, media head of Obi-Datti campaign.

He said; “The Obidient plane was grounded today by the powers that be “for regulatory reasons” only. Please ignore any mischievous rumour. Our massive rally in Ibadan is going on as planned.”

Meanwhile, supporters of Obi, popularly known as ‘Obidients’, were seen on major roads in Ibadan waving banners and clad in Labour Party’s customised shirts and caps.

The security in and around Adamasingba Stadium, the venue of the rally, is also watertight as supporters of the party form a single queue outside the stadium before being screened into the main event area.

The mood is ecstatic, music plays in the background as supporters await the arrival of Obi and Datti.

Some party chieftains and the candidates of the Labour Party from the Southwest are already at the venue.

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  1. If they like let ground all ships and vehicles along side, we will trek to Ibadan for the Rally. Nobody and no force in Nigeria can stop us from taking back our country from the hands of these scavengers by God’s grace. I am ObiDiently ObiDient.

    1. If they like let them carry the ground, water and even the air into their bed room not even the plane or cars, nothing fit stop the rally because our able God is going to provide another way for us,
      Just be strong’s OBIDIENTS FAMILY GOD bless us

    2. We want the best for this nation
      Therefore whosoever God wants to use to deliver, let’s do away tribalism and stop being wicked and team up to support .

    1. St- John 3 vs 27 . a man can receive nothing unless it comes from God…. ObiDatti re ordained from God Almighty and theirs nothing anybody can do about it .


    1. Before the jet there’s campaign going on. Without the jet campaign can still go on They are jertry of Labour party God bless labour party. God bless Obi/Dati movement

  3. “No matter how, obi is not our choice but Biafra ” That’s what south east stand for. Obi can’t be president come 2023. Mark my word.

    1. I have marked your empty and selfish words. Obi will be president in 2023. Right thinking Nigerian youths want Obi.

    2. And you are talking like God ! What word is your word when the ” Word Himself is the one backing him.
      You just wait & see Mr Proohet !

    3. U are a clown and an anti progress. We the youth are determine to execute this positive change not even u or ur useless ancestors can stop that

    4. You are evil or false prophet God has not send anything God will punish you using prophet language watch The almighty God will deal with you soon you will regret your actions

    5. You are just a prophet of doom. You don’t need Nigeria to be free from the hands of these evil politicians. Imagine, you are happy seeing people suffering.

    6. I pity you so the suffering in Nigeria you like it,no problem.Obi didn’t have anything to loose is you that will suffer it

    7. Is this how you want to get the Biafra by the one thing that foster the Biafra…
      Ask your questions all violent and hatred in igbo land has it yield anything in no it has not rather is giving room for more crimes, unknown gun men.,
      If you want Biafra which is not far from what every reasonable Igbo will ask for… Let gain political power, economy power and final security power..most importantly political power by creating a strong political party that will unite the whole of igbo and beyond.. a party where who wins council, chairman, state assembly,house of assembly,senator, paramilitary appointment, military appointment will have no choice to dance to the tone of freedom then will can say Biafra is ready to go

    8. Not now please, we can wait till after February election when they will rig Obi out, then the Biafra movement will generate more support from none biafrans across the nation including those Biafra politicians that believed more on Nigeria politics than freedom,

    9. Let’s watch and see, if you are still thinking of Biafra then you are on your own. Whether Biafra or not Obi is winning and you will be ruled by his government, so get prepared bro…. Enough is enough!!!!…….

    10. Mad people who has no brain in their heads. Nigeria is talking of freedom from slavery, you are talking of Biafra that you foolish people has sold to malams for money. Idiot and foolish head.. God helping this nation youths, they will surely take Nigeria back through Peter Obi.

  4. It’s either Obi or nothing, with God behind all well meaning Nigerians, we will restle our country from the hands of those who believes money is everything , leadership is their entitlement

  5. Mr. Prophet…. I laugh at your level of ignorance… I feel sorry to those to whom you prophesy to… Cuz I know you are a false prophet

  6. Despite being ‘BATMAN’, am not in support of Rights abuse. Every candidate should be given the same level playing field in terms of rally and campaign.

    1. BATMAN that can’t remember directions to his bat cave .
      Oga just shut your pile hole , your opinion is not needed.

  7. No matter whatever the Nigeria evil government is doing; Peter Obi is the next president of Nigeria by God’s grace Amen . Weather they like it or not.

  8. You are very miopic and limited in your thought and are an epitome of ethic and tribal bigot…Obidient movement has come to take nigeria back to her formal are an enemy of progress and also an enemy to nigerians

  9. Peter Obi should know that a living rat is better than dead lion,ndi Igbo si onye ndi iro gbara gburugburu n’eche ndu ya nche,this is a lawless country,he should minimize his visits or even start hiding to campaigns,for safety reasons, because he is frustrating this criminals,let them not shoot him soon

  10. Whoever that passes order to ground our incoming President Plane, being Federal government, we Shall meet in Court, if Nigeria cannot judge, d world will judge.

  11. Thank u all . Obi is going to be Nigeria new President comes 2023 take it or leave I have spoken thanks for ur understand Ur’s Eric Ojo

  12. Their fear is showing in their aggressive attacks on Peter Obi. But let it be clear to them that no amount of their agression will change what has been divinely ordained.

  13. I’m pleading u all Nigerians. Pls let join our hands together and followed this labour party. Cause we have had enough of this party called PDP OR APC this two party should stop fulling us, enough is a enough

  14. You can only deprive the people physically,but you cannot deprive them their emotional pursuit and dream.
    The world is big.

  15. Is very appalling of the FG to involved in an unscrupulous act, perhaps every candidate deserved equal right, grounding Obedient rally plane makes no sense at all, the fear of Peter Obi, is the beginning of new Nigeria.
    I’m obidently obident.

  16. They are a joker
    What gonna be gonna be bno matter what the intimidation we are bound for the top in Jesus name

  17. Confusion is leading them to misbehaving…
    I don’t think it’s good grounding the airplane when the campaign is on.

    Just check out the new naira they printed, the government is blobloblobloblo

  18. With fair and free election labour party will win them hand down, let’s see how it gonna play out. Am obidatti group. Obi stand firm no matter the weight of elephant it can’t cause earthquake

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