BREAKING: FG raids Chinese Company over alleged abuse of Nigerians [PHOTOS]


The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has raided a Chinese steel company in Abia state over alleged abuse of its Nigerian employees.

According to a statement signed by the CEO of the FCCPC, Babatunde Irukera, Operatives of the commission stormed the premises of Inner Steel Company in Obehie, Ukwa-West LGA of the state on Wednesday, August 13, over reports of unfair employment practices.

“The information received alleged unscrupulous and potentially illegal treatment and working conditions at Inner Steel’s factory. Although it was unclear how the subject conduct falls within the mandate of the FCCPC, regardless, the Commission proceeded in an abundance of caution, considering treatment of citizens was
implicated in the report, and the urgency required made it expedient to deploy anyway.”

“Yesterday, August 13th, operatives of the Commission from the South-East and South-South zonal offices conducted an investigatory stop at the company’s location in Obehie, Abia State. Company executives and representatives were cooperative and provided requested information.”

“Initial findings establish that:

1. Employees are housed on work premises in less than ideal boarding conditions

2. Some employees felt restrained on-site and unable to leave, even though
going home has been their preference.

3. A workplace injury previously occurred and led to amputation with respect to an employee.

4. Employees were required to work non-stop shifts of 11 hours with inadequate breaks.

5. There are possible questions about the company’s compliance with prevailing standards for the steel/iron products it makes.

“Although the vast majority of the conduct discovered are labour relations and not consumer issues, the Commission secured an express and urgent commitment from the company to immediately, and forthwith:

1. Take steps to improve the living conditions of on-site employees including immediately purchasing foams/mattresses for their bunk beds, and cooling fans.

2. Modify required working hours from 11 to 8 hours daily effective immediately.

3. Immediately discontinue mandatory quarantine on-site for employees who desire to depart the facility.

4. Improve on-site medical access and responsiveness.

“With respect to the work-related accident that led to serious injuries (amputation), considering the circumstances are currently subject of litigation, the company was disinclined to make statements.”

“Regarding the quality of the company’s products, the Commission has opened an active investigation and is commencing materials testing to determine compliance with prevailing standards.”

“The company recognizes it is under monitoring and supervision pending the satisfactory resolution of all outstanding or open issues. The Commission is making a fuller report and transmitting to the more relevant Ministry/Agency for follow up, monitoring and compliance.”

“The enforcement mechanisms including penalties (where applicable) under relevant laws and processes of the appropriate ministry, department or agency, for violations in these circumstances, should take their course.”

“The Commission commends the courage and commitment of the investigative journalist who followed this through and welcomes credible intelligence that leads to robust enforcement of its competition and consumer protection mandate.”

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  1. This is Nigeria!!! Nigerians were abused in China, viral videos of such cases were all over. Chinese in Nigeria using a so called company are “enslaving” Nigerians in the name of employment. In the first place where’s Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity? In the second half of the 70s I was a Clerical Officer in that ministry and there’s what’s called Labour Inspection. All companies and industries were subjected to such inspections and reports were sent to zonal offices and I witnessed several measures taken against erring organisations.
    I don’t see this allege abuse has to do with “consumer protection “. I hope it’s not “consumer interest” that this commission is protecting.
    Now the only thing is that “the commission secured an express and urgent….” which would very likely never be fulfilled. The investigation will likely fault the employees fully knowing Nigerians and their leadership.

  2. How I wish FG will stamp their foot on ground and stop this nonsense. How can we be enslved in our own Country, GOD forbid.

  3. There is a similar case at weewod Nigeria company in ore Ondo state, workers are meant to work over time because I was part of the victim, we work everyday we can’t take a day leave or u forget about job…there was a case where by 2 workers were reportedly died when they fall from moving trucks, the sad incident was that, they (Chinese ) were not moved by the tragic incidence rather they sacks those workers who mourned their fellow friends.
    This is barbaric and uncalled for in our land
    We can’t do like this in their country.
    This is my submission.

  4. This is the same conditions at BN Ceramics Nig Limited Ajaokuta..Kogi State
    No leave
    No off
    No employment letter
    Work 6a.m to 7pm Monday to sunday
    Poor working conditions, they sack anyone that raises voice, they bribe their way through everything. I urge journalists and well meaning Nigerians to come to our aid.

  5. Absolutely true.
    I stay close to this company and I must confess this is happening…. This is 21st century slavery.

  6. This one na small thing, come n see watin Indians China they do with Nigerian youths @ dangote refinery in ibeju lekki.. Lagos State.

  7. Its VeryShameful to have allowed maltreatment nigerians workers in their own country by the chinese company . China will not come to Nigeria and disguid to promote industries but intead enslaves the people of Nigeria . The company should be sanctioned immediately .The photos speaks volumes where workers sleep in side containers, and very unhygiene envirinments. why not build a befitting block staff housing units for the workers ? where is Government Does it mean Chinese operating in Nigeria has bribe Government officials at the expense of her citizen. So my questions beg for immediately by ,the minister of labour NGIGIE ,and the Abia State Government underTthe Buhari administration .

  8. Nigerian in China are been enslaved and the Chinese in Nigeria also put us model slaving with their so-called companies they have all over Nigeria, unemployment increase on day basis in the country and that is why they take advantage of employees while some of the Chinese companies got the power and mine they use on us from the government..,.. the federal and state government impose some huge amount of money to they as taxes so they use their workers to meet up govt demand…so the condition and the heat the workers are passing through is known to the government expecially the state govt …so only God can save us from this zoo called Nigeria I pray for God’s intervention.

  9. They should also visit some Lebanese owned companies around Nigeria, starting with Victoria Island , Lagos. Nigerians will be shocked at what is happening there.

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