BREAKING: Fire outbreak causes panic at Apongbon, Lagos [PHOTO/VIDEO]

A raging fire outbreak at Under Bridge, Apongbon in Lagos State on Wednesday morning has been recorded, with several properties affected.

POLITICS NIGERIA learnt that fire-fighters have arrived the site.

The exact cause of the accident is not yet known. This newspaper cannot also determine the number of casualties. But it is understood that many shops under the bridge have been destroyed by the fire.

In recent years, disasters of various magnitude are becoming more frequent, intense, and geographically diverse in various communities across Nigeria. One of the most occurring and devastating disasters is fire outbreak, which has destroyed properties worth several millions of naira, rendered survivors homeless, jobless and compounded the suffering and poverty in the land.

Most of these fire outbreaks, whether domestic, industrial, institutional, commercial, vehicular, or bush has become a common phenomenon across the country.

Watch video of the Apongbon fire here.

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