BREAKING: Former EFCC chair, Magu makes 7 demands from Presidential Panel [FULL LIST]

Former chairman of the Economic and Financial crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Magu has made 7 demands from the Presidential inter-agency panel investigating him on Several allegations of Fraud and misconduct.

Magu, a controversial police commissioner, has been in detention since last week Monday after security operatives arrested him in Wuse II, Abuja. He is being investigated by a panel appointed by the Presidency, headed by Justice Ayo Salami, a former court of appeal.

On Friday Magu’s counsel, Wahab Shittu, pleaded with the Presidential Investigation Committee to grant him bail, saying that Magu needed the bail because the print and electronic media had taken undue advantage of his detention to launch a campaign of calumny against him.

Shittu also made seven demands from the Salami panel, saying that: “In view of our observations above, may we humbly request from your Lordship, the Chairman of the Committee and other distinguished members:

i) That our client will appreciate if afforded the privilege of the terms of reference of this distinguished Committee.

ii) That the petitions containing the allegations be given to our client to afford him the opportunity of knowing the allegations against him, study same and prepare a robust defence.

iii) That our client will appreciate the intervention of the Committee in ordering the release of our client from custody to enable him defend himself adequately and attend to his deteriorating health in custody.

iv) That our client be given adequate time to respond to the allegations against him including providing necessary materials and evidence before this Honourable Committee.

v) That our client be afforded the opportunity to confront the petitioners with his own defence.

vi) That witnesses be examined in his presence and that of his counsel.

vii) That our client be guaranteed his right to fair hearing including his right to liberty in the course of the proceedings of this distinguished Committee.

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  1. Government apologists (most especially deceitful followers) would now appreciate the importance of rule of law. Likewise , Magu who believes he determines everytjing all in the name of fighting corruption. I’m a rule of law apologist and cares not about who is involved “the law should be held sacrosanct”. I pity those who speaks less about applying d rule because their own is in power or their enemy should be dealt with.

  2. Nigeria and Nigerians, who is a fool? Who are he that are foolish ? One who tell him self lie, who made people of his country to believe lie by any means , He who destroy his nation and claim to serve his country, who are the most foolish in Nigeria ? The leaders or the followers. ? The leaders are busy stolen the wealth of the Nation , the followers knew that their leaders are THEIVES yet they clap for them and held them. But both the thief and the people are complaining. Who do they expect to come and help them out? Foolishness. Your ruin is at hand. All the forces of destruction has surrendered you. No one will be of help to you. I cry for the calamity that awaits you, you breathed your down fall and called it , bandits and herdsmen or Boko Haram, you fail to employ YOUTHS and call them Alamajiri. To

  3. It is quite interesting. Whenever anyone of this guy’s fall into trouble, they start talking about deteriorating health. When this guy was swallowing Nbillions, his health was not deteriorating, now that he is answering few questions, his health is deteriorating.

    Guy, answer your query and short up.

  4. If Mr Magu is, indeed, guilty of Corruption then there’s only one Solution…Lets hand over to the Agbero boys (Motor park touts), with that kind of structure in place we would know what to expect & not some kind of jokers and delusional lots who’ve perfected the act of deceiving Nigerians under the pretense of fighting CORRUPTION….Remember the infamous assertion of a famous Prime Minister….”Nigeria is a fantastically corrupt Country”

  5. Why is the issue of corruption always circulating around the power players in the country. Even an anti graft chair is now thought to have skeleton in his cupboard. Hmm but time shall tell he true this would be. What I will say is the justice be delivered and if found guilty should face the penalty of the law.

  6. Why every time a corrupt officer is reprimanded, like the case of Magu, that he (corrupt officer) will always feign ill health.Anyway,let it be known to Magu and his types that Nigerians careless about their health status right now, because they have sent innocent Nigerians to their untimely graves as a result of their corruption.So if they die in incarceration or detention,as the case may be, it’s nothing new.

  7. Peopke will never change, we dont have leaders at all. I dont know what or who they leading by killing the nation. God will fight for us

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