BREAKING: “I am healthy” – Tinubu dispels rumors, rides bike in new Video [WATCH]


The 2023 Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has dispelled rumors of ill health.

The Lagos politician on Sunday evening shared a video of himself exercising on a bike to prove that he is in great health.

He wrote; “Many have said I have died; others claim I have withdrawn from the presidential campaign. Well… Nope.”

“This is the reality: I am strong, I am healthy and I am READY to serve Nigerians from Day One.”

Last week, rumors were rife that the former senator was seriously ill and even having a catheter to manage incontinence.

Watch the video below;

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      1. Emilokun baba agbalagba.olori–tinubu 1for NIGERIA no shaking no bastard,we rule now for better nation,oba ATI ya ware,king of boys king of street nation god bless asiwaju hammed tinubu…(AKA–>>OLORI)>>[JAGABAN]..☑️☑️

    1. Daddy daddy, if you like drive the whole cars we have in nigeral , our heart have chosen Peter obi labour partices

    2. Must you comment. Did anyone force to vote Tinubu. Remember you only have one vote and there are millions of youths ready to vote Tinubu.

    3. Point of correction your mind not our mind because your food might be my food. Obi might be your choice why Tinubu hammed might be my choice, face reality don’t just talked like God

    4. Your mind and not our minds! Asiwaju Tinubu remains the best amongst the contestants and no propaganda, hatred and blackmail can change our minds.

    1. Nobody know who first come to this world and no body will surely know who will go first. Please stop hatred speech because is only God that can tell the next president.

    1. How many of your father in your family that jogged in that age of 70 because all u people know is hatred speech and mind. Remember You are not God.

  1. The era of let’s tell nigerians what they want to hear is past ….we re in the new Nigeria where we follow our heart individually …no godfatherism

    1. Gone are the days of fatherism why don’t come out to the national stadium you are now online president candidate TINUBU YOUR TIME IS OFF

    2. Why you no do press up or better run, bike do something extraordinary maybe come and play football with the Youths
      @70th years old man go and rest and help your health

  2. Riding or exercising is not the issue.
    A new Nigeria is what we are clamouring for.
    We don’t believe in the old brigades again.
    The era of greasing our palm died with the present government.
    So let him rest and advice the younger ones.
    #OBIdient is appropriate NOW.

  3. what type of playing is this tinubu? is this playing? you should have shown us when you climbed on and got down from the bike. this act you pulled is just to show Nigerians and the world how desperate you are. baba, presidency is not for the weak. we will only back down from commenting if you agree to face all the other presidential candidates in a live debate. baba, give us this debate or step down.

    1. I think what we need in Nigeria now is young ideas and young minds to take the leadership of Nigeria because the older ones have failed us and discieved us enough, this is time take the bull by the horn .

    1. Tinubu, what Nigerians are saying is that they don’t want you as president, not just on health issues which you are trying to hide but the area of criminalities. What you did in Lagos is what you have planned to do to Nigeria as whole. You want to steal Nigeria for your children, children and leave the rest of Nigerians empty.

  4. If like walk from UK to Nigeria our mind is set for New Nigeria already. As God lives Aso rock is not your portion, your ritual and oracles will fail u

  5. Please Nigerians just play your political PVC well during the ELECTION. Saying things against a candidate will not change their mind. Let just allow them ride,drive push,box,footballing,swimming, etc. Thanks.

  6. Tinubu is the best candidate for the job, surely he is going to be the next president of Nigeria . Please stop hate speech. God has chosen him to rule this country – Nigeria.

  7. U guys are just worming ur tongues busy. BAT ,2023 is real. Is there any contestant apart? Can obi president over his ibo to so no to Biafra nor atiku control bokoharam, bandits, even his brother Fulani herdsmen. But tinubu has shot up opc, Sunday igboho and other ole oshi in the south quiet and can replicate same in north and east by international law. Nija today is for Babas, money bagas and will be for next hybrids me you tomorrow in Jesus name. Amen.

    1. Do not post when drunk or under some influence.It is only desperation that drives people to desperately prove an unimportant point.Shonekan,Obasanjo,8yrs, Osinbajo,8yrs.Atiku,8yrs, BUHARI,8yrs,Yar’Adua,ABDULSALAMI, BABANGIDA,ABACHA,GOWON, etc.Emilokan! All because of Niger Delta oil.Are other zones fools and incapable?NO! It’s this greed 4 power that breeds militancy & agitations.

      1. Power is meant for only the North and Southwest in Nigeria? Tomorrow, you want to blame agitators.What justification has Atiku (Fulani North) after BUHARI(Fulani North)? and Tinubu (Yoruba Southwest) after Obasanjo, Sonekan, Osinbajo(Yoruba Southwest)? Bad leadership:North and Southwest since after the Civil War.You think other geo-political zones are idiots? You want to continue milking Nigeria dry?

  8. I love tinubu he is a good man and if he become president .. Nigeria who change better.. I guess tinubu he good for Nigeria

  9. How can the people you want to rule say they don’t like you , go home, you have food take all you have stolen and go let us start a new life

  10. He keeps responding to the age and bodily limitations of is blind and desperate pursuit of is frail ambition to be president. He can not ride the bicycle to the presidency he should focus on how to ride the electorate. Quite obvious he is getting panicky and desperate.

  11. Both APC and PDP are one & same only two sides of one same coin. They both have continued to assault the sensibility of Nigerians foisted on us two physically frail and mentally retarded candidates. Both are desperate to be president even for one day at all cost. Imagine Tinubu only reason is “emi lo kan” and Atiku saying to igbos ” I will make an igbo man president in 2027″ if only they support him now
    What a bunch talking to us as if Nigeria and all Nigerians are part of their family heritage.
    As for the hawks and political jobbers hustling for them, we know their expectations is for these duo to come to power and share out national cake for them as seen during the party primaries where the delegates were bought and sold.
    Time is here to prove them wrong this time.

  12. Just Imagine,
    A 7 seconds push and snap video…
    More reason to doubt your health.
    If you are healthy, then show us when you climbing the bicycle and when you are coming down…
    I’m sure a lot of hilarious scene took place.

  13. Just Imagine,
    A 7 seconds push and snap video…
    More reason to doubt your health.
    If you are healthy, then show us when you’re climbing the bicycle and when youre coming down…
    I’m sure a lot of hilarious scene took place.

  14. The question should have been who can really change the course of the country, who can stand and say the truth, in respective of the godfather above, who are not ready to make good to come to the country, since the good of the country is their bad. We Nigerian must rise from tribalism and embrass the one that can bring change, tribe and sentiment must be buried for us to get to that promise land

  15. Just tell me who among them is a saint Tinubu?obi? Or atiku?Omo eni ose idi bebere ka fi ileke sidi Omo elomin,a word is enough for the wise,we are not fool

    1. Abeg tell them obi ruled Anambra for 8 years his Anambra us not better than Kano of kwakwaso talk more of kagos of asiwaju

  16. If Una like vote chicken as president they adding nothing to my life my own na just dey chop and feed my family finish

  17. Una d shout obi obi after 8 years of obi rule in Anambra state Kano of kwakwaso is better than the Anambra he ruled talk more of lagos of tinibu.if na for work I prefer kwakwaso to rule Nigeria than obi and co.

  18. See if everyone has pvc peter obi will win but the majority of people shouting peter obi don’t have pvc

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