BREAKING: Ibori’s Pregnant Wife Denied Entry into US [FULL STORY]

Senami, the wife of former Delta State Governor, James Onanefe Ibori, has been denied entry into the United States of America.

The heavily pregnant Senami Sosu flew to the USA in the 8th month of her pregnancy to have her child but was refused entry into the US on arrival.

She was reportedly turned back with no reason given to her during the Point of entry (POE), a situation she could not save despite various calls placed to the US embassy and diplomatic figures from Nigeria.

Sources reveal she booked another flight that took her to London, where she had her baby who will not be a UK citizen, as the laws do not acknowledge citizenship by birth like US, Canada or Brazil.

With this turn back, she is the first public casualty of the yet to be established law of the Trump administration, seeking to abolish citizenship by birth in the US.

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  1. Americans are getting better tech wise, they can recognize a future criminal before birth. Thats a nice day for justice department. Why can’t she give birth in Nigeria hospitals? . Because they have blood money to spend yang fu, yang fu. James ibori is a well known criminal ,known in the west and he’s stupid enough to send his ashawo to America, forgetting America is not like the hell hole they created as a nation called Nigeria. Na so una go de bring shame to una self. American should have taken the fingers print of the baby for future reference. Ibori is a career criminal who can try and smuggle the baby into America in the future.

  2. The problem of this country too much self. So them been dey expect her to born for naija when her husband get money.

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