BREAKING: “It Can Not Fly” – State Governors Reject N60,000 Minimum Wage Proposal

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) has rejected the N60,000 minimum wage proposed by the Federal Government.

This contradicts the federal government’s commitment to a minimum wage exceeding N60,000.

According to the governors, N60,000 as minimum wage is not sustainable and can not fly.

Recall that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) went on strike on Monday, protesting the federal government’s proposal of N60,000 as the minimum wage, which they deemed unacceptable.

Reacting in a statement released on Friday, the NGF said there is a need for a realistic and sustainable minimum wage that considers the broader socioeconomic implications.

The statement reads in part, “The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) is in agreement that a new minimum wage is due. The Forum also sympathises with labour unions in their push for higher wages.

“However, the Forum urges all parties to consider the fact that the minimum wage negotiations also involve consequential adjustments across all cadres, including pensioners.

“The NGF cautions parties in this important discussion to look beyond just signing a document for the sake of it; any agreement to be signed should be sustainable and realistic.

“All things considered, the NGF holds that the N60,000 minimum wage proposal is not sustainable and can not fly. It will simply mean that many states will spend all their FAAC allocations on just paying salaries with nothing left for development purposes.

“In fact, a few states will end up borrowing to pay workers every month. We do not think this will be in the collective interest of the country, including workers.

“We appeal that all parties involved, especially the labour unions, consider all the socioeconomic variables and settle for an agreement that is sustainable, durable, and fair to all other segments of the society who have legitimate claim to public resources.”

This decision comes amidst ongoing negotiations between the government and labour unions, who have also expressed dissatisfaction with the proposed wage.

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  1. What, in the opinion of the Governors would be a sustainable wage for workers? After determining that, they should announce their own wages which should not exceed fifty times (50x) the minimum wage. Every other wages in the State should fall within these limits, except perhaps the President’s which may go up to Sixty times (60x) the minimum wage.

  2. Acceptable or unacceptable Nigeria government is devilish,
    how can u give a family man of at list four 60,000 to manage? How much is house rent, school fee, feeding, light bill, PSP and hospital, transportation and order emergencies in the family?
    U people that want to approve 60,000 for minimum wage how is ur salary?
    That why corruption will not stop in Nigeria because u’re not paying good salaries.

  3. Governors are rejecting 60k but a governor can steal 80billion plus pays his children’s school fees in advance of 1.8 million dollars hmmmmmm

  4. That 60 should be ok see level of the country things are cost but the income are poor so i think 60 thousand for the minimum wage is ok

  5. Am thinking if we believe for 6000 thousands it enough . because maybe some other gorvnment it would more miniwage

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