BREAKING: Keyamo announces suspension of Air Nigeria airline project indefinitely

The Federal Government has announced the indefinite suspension of the Air Nigeria airline project. 

This decision was disclosed by the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace, Festus Keyamo, during a ministerial briefing commemorating the first year of President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

Keyamo revealed that the airline, touted as a national carrier, was not genuinely Nigerian. 

“The airline was never a Nigerian airline but an attempt to use a foreign airline to pose as a Nigerian national airline,” he stated.

The Air Nigeria project had been surrounded by controversy and skepticism from its inception, with various stakeholders questioning its viability and authenticity. 

The revelation that it was primarily a foreign endeavour masquerading as a national initiative is expected to further fuel criticisms.

The minister emphasized the need for transparency and authenticity in the aviation sector, signalling a move towards more stringent oversight and regulation.

The announcement is expected to draw varied reactions from industry experts and the public. 

Keyamo assured that future initiatives in the aviation sector would be pursued with greater diligence and adherence to national interests.

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