BREAKING: Labour Party calls for Cancellation of Presidential Election

Labour Party, LP, has called for the cancellation of the ongoing presidential election as the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, cannot upload results into its server from the polling units.

The national chairman of the party, Julius Abure made the call in a statement saying that INEC has given room for doubt in the credibility of the process.

Abure, said the inability of INEC to upload results after over 12 hours is worrisome and called it electoral robbery.

He said Labour Party is shocked by the revelations emanating from Rivers state after the presidential and national assembly elections which held on Saturday; where thugs believed to be agents of the state government invaded various polling units and collation centres, took away election materials including the results sheets, manipulated the BVAS machines and uploaded fake results in to the Central portal.

He also alleged that Lagos and Delta State votes have been severely manipulated.

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    1. Don’t say that we always request Almighty God for choose us Good president because he’s only know good and bad

  1. The presidential election should be canceled because of irregularities and doctered figures
    Some of my people at Lagos are been restrict From voting

    1. The presidential election should be cancelled because I see no reason APC CANDIDATES should involve thugs in the elections in order to stop people from voting other party especially Labour Party as well, some place in my area at lagos people has been injured because of this nonsense in order to stop people from voting their desired candidate.

    2. I agree with you here. There are reports of so many electoral malpractices all over the place and so the out come of this election would not actually reflect the true wishes of the electorates !

      1. It is very glaring that Tinubu has paid lots of money to rig this election. Obi should never give up on this because we his followers have worked hard to get to this point and if obi gives up, Nigerians will never forgive him.

    3. I’m telling u, it should be canceled. Ok look at, is Adamawa or which state was that self? They’ve finished counting since Saturday. Till Now the result isn’t yet out, Just take a look out at. Then maybe tomorrow now they’ll come and give us results after they’ve tampered with it. Something that’s supposed to be called immediately after they’re done counting, at that point or that time when people are still there. Now they’ll now go and tamper with it and come and be given us fake results.

    4. If INEC didn’t upload the real results of the ongoing presidential election results in time that means they’re trying to bring war into Nigerian and 80% of voters decided to vote for Peter Obi and it’s viral about that if the election results doesn’t match with our obedient then cancelled the election or let’s Mr president good luck ebele Jonathan rules the country again if you people try to elect TINUBU I swear he will die the next day

    5. I think there’s no need to cancel ,why because it not the person we are supposed to look into but into our faith.

  2. Mahmood Yakubu
    If you finally gain ringing the presidential vote.
    The cry of the poor masses you will rip right here on earth .

  3. Labor party won’t win this election, we should not fool ourselves, am an Obident fans but let the truth be told

  4. I pain is I voted the wrong party (ZLP) instead of LP as a result of my ignorance to the party logo and the acronym of the party (LP) wasn’t on the logo so I concluded that the one with LP at the end should be the party I wished to vote for.

    Please in my opinion let the election or voting process be retaking and this error of no LP on the logo be corrected.
    Such that most of our votes can finally count if INEC will be true to make it count anyways.
    Thanks for the privilege, I hope our voices we be heard, WE WANT PETER OBI

  5. Which way Nigeria? The people have decided which president they want but INEC chairman and his cohorts have contrary decision not to publish the wish of the people. That’s the cause of criminality, deaths and untold suffering of the poor masses and to the detriment of democracy in the country. It can only cause continual instability and backwardness

  6. What a shame Nigeria? What a shame? That you cannot conduct a presidential election that is devoid of irregularities?
    This election MUST be cancelled. It must not be upheld as a true and fair election.

  7. Those calling for cancellation are thieves and they have lost. They were hailing the conduct and when the result is not favouring them, they want it cancelled. You are losers. Jagaban has won. Won ti like!!!

  8. In my area olodi apapa,amowo area LP dusted APC/PDP but when we see results we begin to surprise,even I have to go around my area LP won everything now the results am seeing is not what we voted.

  9. Peter obi is good, he has a good manifesto but Nigerians are voting party not individuals, otherwise he is a better choice

  10. I thought Wike asked his people to to work for LP, why then would you cry foul when obviously it’s to your own advantage?

  11. I want this presidential election should be cancelled because the way INEC given room to some people to manipulate and bring fake news to people..

  12. With allegations of vote buying and importation of Niger citizens to participate in an election where bonafide Nigerians were denied PVC’s……the Presidential election should be cancelled forthwith.

  13. Even animals protect their territory must time we their lives, how much more human being Lagos is not free man land it belong to Afonja and Afonja must protect it. Lean from our northern brother they travel to their villages just to make sure their vote is truly count. Afonja will always protect Lagos no matter what it takes

  14. The elections should be cancelled. The clear manipulations with pictorial evidence are too much. The process was compromised badly.

  15. Are u people trying to surrender or want to show a sign of weakness let’s the counting begin … Try and obey your motto: obsidians

  16. Shey u dey find suffer naaa… You and your family and unborn generation go see suffer tire, starting with this administration of if your father Tinubu wins.

    God punish you

  17. Peter Obi won 23 states by revelation so anything contrary to that INEC should be held responsible.
    Now I see why we have bad government everywhere, thus us because our leaders are bad and always supports injustice.
    Tell me how a dying man will become the president… are moving forward or backward.

  18. Make this inec chairman no go put unresolve calamity to Nigeria oo, he better cancel this election or do what is right for peace to rain oo, before this will get to a level that will be too hard to correct. Upon everything why should we be talking things like this at this point

  19. What the Lp party is demanding for is very true. If the Inec will not work on those causing problem to the process as we are watching it happening in Lagos. Let the presidential result in Lagos be cancelled to show to us that the election is free and fair.

  20. Even if the election went very well and smoothly, the results will definitely be manipulated/robbed/rigged/tempered with. This election is likely to be “government of the people not by the people either the people like it or not, must be for the people”.

  21. Nigeria is not practising democracy???pls is better to be on ourselves than all this manipulation we are facing hatred and lots more united nations pls..come and help Nigerians to do free and fear elections ooooooo they want to kill us with lies and hatred??because if there is no justice in this election there will never be peace in Nigeria???Labour Party won this election clean..with no doubt

  22. Our major problem is inec, it’s a bunch of fraudstars…..the chairman of inec has manipulated the result that’s why it wasn’t uploaded at the polling unit. He did this with the help of the technical team of inec by hampering the network. Idiots won’t let us have a free n fair election

  23. INEC want to contribute childishly and criminally to the destruction of Nigeria, we are talking about live transmission of results and your giving Nigerians after manipulation results from who we all do not know and authorize, yes they are bribed to change the mind of few good people coz y’all have planted poverty (No money) to shut peoples mouth or get killed to speak or defend themselves at INEC headquarters, When all polling unites counts there votes, INEC headquarters will change the counts, hey there is nothing like invalid votes as long as you are acredited, vote is vote

  24. This useless election should be cancelled with immediate effect, imagine a single polling unit figure is greater than what inec gave for a whole LGA

  25. I hope they’re not going to heat up the polity. This early they want to discredit INEC and sow doubt in the minds of their party members. Politics should not be seen as a do or die affaire.

  26. Let the presidential election should be cancelld cuz of the dump ass they do in Lagos state and river state’s

  27. OBI ALL THE WAY! MY PROBLEM IS THAT HOW COME ABOUT ALL THESE BEEN GIVEN TO THIS OLD MAN CALLED JAGABAN by name, the election should be cancelled at least if this is how it’s will be continue let there be no leadership again, this wickedness and a cheat, at all the live video am following no has vote APC pass 27highest in figured, and Atiku was the second to highest percentage ahh please na, which kind country is this

  28. The solution is a revolution where Nigeria will be cleansed with the blood of these corrupt politicians and their families.

  29. How can presidential election will be cancelled,while the election is conducted peacefully in various part of the country

  30. The presidential election should be canceled
    Lagos state manipulations is clear to everybody, we where cheated like nobody by the so called all progressive congress ” using their siria killers, uluomo and his fellow thout

  31. A lot of complaints are been heard regarding this presidential election

    I thought we were been promised a free and fair election

  32. We are solidly behind Labour Party on this. We, Nigerians will not accept a rigged election results. Never.

    Let it be know to INEC that they are playing with

  33. All the old fools in this country that don’t want Nigeria to go forward, how can a gorilla roll us Nigerian is too big for this rubbish, after suffering in the hands of the monkey’s. the presidential election should be and much be canceled simple.

  34. We northernerss call for our country’s peace, that presidential election result, should be announce by justice.

  35. The presidential election most be cancelled if at all Mr President, M. Buhari loves we his fellowed Nigerians. Thanks!

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