BREAKING: Labour Party Campaign DG, Doyin Okupe sacked [DETAILS]

The Director-General of the Labour party Presidential Campaign Council, Doyin Okupe has been expelled from the party over alleged misappropriation of funds.

The Party’s chapter in Ogun State dismissed Dr. Okupe, and 10 others over alleged non-financial membership status, high-handedness and financial recklessness.

The State Chairman of the party, Michael Ashade who announced this in Abeokuta on Thursday, said the offences allegedly committed breached the LP’s constitution. Ashade flanked by the National Publicity Secretary of LP, Abayomi, and the State Secretary, Feyisola Michael, said Okupe ceased to be the party member after his failure to meet the mandatory constitutional requirements to fulfill membership status.

He disclosed that Okupe has not paid his party membership dues for 6 months since joining the party.

Ashade said Okupe and 10 others have run afoul of the article 9(3) sub(iii) and Article 9(3)xi the LP constitution and thereby ceased to be party members.

“Therefore in line with article 19(3) of the Labour Party constitutional provision, we declare that Dr. Doyin Okupe, having failed in the payment of his membership dues for the last six months of joining the Party, has forfeited his membership of the Party and no longer fit and competent to continue to act as the DG of the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC).”

“We hereby notify our National Chairman Bar Julius ABURE and Labour Party Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, that it’s expedient to obey the constitution of Labour party by immediately appointing another DG for the PCC and that should come from the North to reflect Federal Characters and political Balance.”

“We challenge Dr. Doyin Okupe to provide evidence of any payment in respect of membership dues prior to today into any bank account of the Party.”

The party’s Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, was also advised to desist communications and interactions with Okupe.

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  1. Is this action necessary by this time of electionaring?, if that’s found expedient to relinquish the possition to north, why not use another proper method than expulsion from the party a man of such status who have puting so much in the party. Let not this disgraceful attitude never bring a set back to the party if he honourable Okukpe should go to court to seek proper legal interpretation.

  2. enemies of progress,at this critical time of our struggle you want to stir up the waters with this useless issue, yoruba and betreyal are synonym.

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