BREAKING: Labour Party chairman raises concerns over infiltration of Obidient Movement

Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), has declared that the ruling oligarchy and suspected saboteurs have infiltrated the ranks of its Obidient Movement to undermine the LP.

At a press conference held at the party secretariat in Abuja, Abure raised the alarm regarding recent developments within the Obidient Movement, a group formed during the lead-up to the 2023 general elections.

“I must say that a lot of people, particularly, the ruling oligarchy have no doubt, infiltrated the Obidient Movement and they are currently striving to carry some innocent Obidient along in derailing and unnecessarily criticising the party to bring it to disrepute and pull it down.

“This is not to say, however, that some of the complaints from the Obidients are not germane. But part of these complaints is that those who want to belong to the party have not been fully absorbed,” he stated. 

While acknowledging that certain complaints raised by the Obidients are valid, Abure cautioned against undue criticism of the party and called for patience and a deeper understanding of political processes among its members.

In response to the grievances, Abure announced the creation of a directorate dedicated to addressing the concerns of the Obidient movement. 

He said the directorate will focus on integrating members fully into the party structure, coordinating membership registration, facilitating Diaspora participation, and ensuring financial contributions to the party.

His words: “To attend swiftly to most complaints of Obidients, we have decided to create a whole directorate dedicated to the family. That directorate will coordinate the registration of members and integrate them fully into the structure of the party.

“The directorate will also ease Diaspora participation, bring complaints to the attention of the party leadership, coordinate the collection of dues and donations to the party and ensure all Obidients are financial members.

“They will work closely with the National Youth Leader, National Women Leader, and National Organizing Secretary to create programs that will fully and effectively assimilate all members of the Obidient family to the party.

“As the national leader of the party, Mr Peter Obi, said, the national convention has come and gone. It is therefore imperative for us to put our differences aside and collectively work in the interest of the party and Nigerians who are currently suffering amid plenty. 

“The Nigerian people have a common enemy which I refer to as the ruling oligarchy in Nigeria. They have held the country captive and ensured that our common patrimony is stolen.”

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