BREAKING: Lawmaker beats up woman, strips her naked [PHOTOS]


A lawmaker in Akwa-Ibom state is in hot water for assaulting a married woman and forcing her to walk naked.

A local lawmaker, Uduak Nseobot, has appeared before a state High Court in Uyo for allegedly assaulting a woman, Iniubong Essien and stripping her naked in the public.

Nseobot is a councillor in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State. Nseobot and his wife, Aniedi, were charged to court on July 11 by the Akwa Ibom state government for alleged kidnapping, assaulting, and publicly stripping the woman, Iniubong Essien, whom they had accused of stealing some naira notes which was ‘sprayed’ on them during the wedding ceremony.

Ms Essien, who has been a close friend to the councillor’s wife for about 10 years, denied stealing the money. Iniubong claims that she assisted the Nseobots in cooking and serving food to their wedding guests and that she was not even the person who helped the couple to pick money donated to them at the wedding.

The councillor and his wife, supported by their friends, were said to have abducted Ms Essien from her home in Uyo in the morning, around November last year, drove her to a village in Ibiono, about 27 kilometres.

She was then taken to a village hall around 10 a.m.

“I was beaten and forced to walk stark naked in the village hall, they removed my dress, my bra, and my pant.”

“People were inside the village hall, I think he (the councillor) may have told them that he was bringing a thief for them to beat, so the whole place was filled with people.”

The victim, Ms Iniubong Essien; “He was mixing charcoal with pepper to rub on my body, but he didn’t rub (it) on me. They tied a rope around my waist and said I must dance naked before the village people.”

Ms Essien said the councillors, his wife, and their friends used their mobile phones to take photos and videos of her, while she was naked and being beaten.

In court, the Presiding judge Archibong Archibong withdrew his earlier application for a bench warrant against the councillor. The counsel to the accused, Mfon Ben, informed the court he has filed an application challenging the validity of the charges against his client.

His request that the councillor should not take his plea until the court disposes of his objection was accepted by the judge, and the case adjourned to October 14 for the court to hear the argument on the preliminary objection.

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  1. This is why Nigeria is the way it is. A country of rascality. People who should maintain law and order set example for the citizens to do same turn the other way round. If a bill bothering on respect for simple human rights is brought before the house, would he make a reasonable case for it? He claims to be honourable, where is the honour in this show of shame? Before you know it,he’ll begin to aspire for a higher political office with this uncultured attitude of rudeness. A common councillor. It is chrystal clear that politicians are the ones tarnishing the image of this country. That man should be made given the punishment due this nefarious action. Leaders should be leaders indeed. They should not trample on the subjects. Even if the woman was guilty of the allegation, she should’ve been handed over to the police. Jungle justice is never an option. By the way, is this one of those constituency projects?

  2. This is pure nonsense. The act is barbaric, condemnable and unaccepted. I therefore call on the various women’s groups and human rights commission to ensure the case is not swept under Buhari’s the carpet. The lawmaker should be charged to court and made to face the consequence of his crime.

    1. I think so too. These people think that they are alpha and omega. Until Nigerians begin to stone them on the streets, they won’t learn any lessons. Barbaric apes!

  3. This Is One Assault Too Many. How Much Did She Even Stole To Warrant Such Treatment? Polician Like Him Are Stealing Nigerians Money, Who Treat Him Like That?


  5. imagine if d man is a govenor,d state will be in trouble.Naija,a place where wrong people are in position.Please how will a lawmaker not know that if his money was stolen,due law process should be followed.B4 u know,there might be no case in this barbaric act of a wicked lawmaker,What a Nation with a sorry situation.

  6. This is absurd,a common councillor. All these politicians should be called to order before the people turn against them

  7. Lawmakers in this country are taking the law into their hands at the slightest provocation.This is a show of immaturity and lack of control.It is time for all nigerians ,security forces and the courts of law to put a stop to this rubbishing attitudes of some so-called lawmakers or lawbreakers.

  8. This is barbaic, ungodly & unacceptable, the law maker has turn to law braker, hence he should face the full wroth of the law.

  9. This country is full of chalatans.How can a common councillor met this kind of punishment to a fellow human being like him, another man’s wife for that matter. U are lucky u are in the southern part of the country. It is better to terminate his political appointment to serve as deterent to others who hav e the same character as him.

  10. It is not unexpected when academics and morality have been relegated to the background exalting thuggery and criminality in political position leadership

  11. Have respect for women.Assault in what
    ever form is not acceptable from any man or
    woman,in whatever mood you may be.The
    outcome is always unknown and the punishment
    is great and disgraceful.

  12. The lawmaker have pay with his work local people send them to that level couse the were local b4 is our vote impowered them and we later become the subject of torment to hell with dose with that power.

  13. This thing happened in PDP state now, all the people that use to post rubbish keep quiet, are they been that it is in one of the states under APC, you will see them talking rubbish and started calling APC and President Buhari’s names, using abussive words.

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