BREAKING: NDLEA arrests Popular Church Pastor for dealing Meth, Skunk [PHOTOS]

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has made several arrests in connection with an attempt to export a shipment of methamphetamine and skunk, which was concealed in kegs of palm oil. The shipment was destined for Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The arrests include the founder and General Overseer of the Seraphic and Sabbath Assembly church in Lagos, High Priest Nnodu Azuka Kenrick, a student of Emmanuel College of Theology, Udezuka Udoka, and a freight agent, Oyoyo Mary Obasi.

The arrests took place after the seizure of 283 parcels of skunk weighing 14.90 kilograms and 204 grams of methamphetamine.

In her statement, Mary implicated Nnodu and his son, Chisom Obi, as the individuals who gave her the shipment for export. According to Mary, she was threatened and compelled to take the job after the clergyman and his son found out she knew their secrets. Mary also stated that Nnodu referred to the illicit drugs as “Ice” and “Bible” in their text message chats.

Udezuka was introduced to Mary to assist her with the shipment and was paid 2 million naira for his role. He claimed that he took the job due to financial needs for his education.

NDLEA operatives are still searching for Chisom Obi in connection with this case.


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  1. It’s a big shame to you and your Sabbatical teams. Is this the keeping of God’s commandments which you people claim to be the experts? Oh! Taking or selling hard drugs are not in the 10 commandments, isn’t it? The Lord Jesus called you guys ‘Hypocrites and blind leaders of the blind’, Matt 23:16-19.

  2. Many are calling Him by their lips not from their mind, many are also worshipping their stomarch, while many does called themselves not God that called them. THE LOVE FOR MONEY IS THE RUTH OF ALL EVILS be aware of all these Woves in a sheep clothes. This is the signs of the end time.

  3. If they love for or of money is the root of all evil. Have you try to by bread without using this root of all evil?

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