BREAKING: NERC asks electricity distribution companies to refund customers for incorrect billing

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has instructed all Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) to implement the April 2024 Supplementary Multi-Year Tariff Order.

The directive, aimed at providing clarity to affected customers, includes several critical instructions for DisCos:

Band A Feeders Maintenance: DisCos are instructed to maintain ONLY the newly approved Band A feeders listed in their April 2024 supplementary orders for vending to prepaid customers and billing for post-paid customers on their networks.

Publication of Approved Band A Feeders: DisCos must immediately publish the schedule of approved Band A feeders affected by the rate review on their websites.

Customer Portal Setup: All DisCos are mandated to establish a website portal by 10th April 2024, enabling customers to check their current Bands by entering their meter or account numbers.

Refund for Incorrect Billing: Customers erroneously billed at the new rate should be refunded through energy tokens by Thursday, 11th April 2024. DisCos must provide evidence of compliance with the commission by 12th April 2024.

Compliance Monitoring: NERC will closely monitor compliance with the directives and continue supporting all stakeholders as necessary.

The commission said the new directive comes amidst ongoing efforts to ensure transparency and fairness in the electricity tariff framework, with a focus on protecting consumers’ interests while fostering a sustainable and efficient electricity sector.

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