BREAKING: “Nigeria is not yet ripe for it” – Concerns as APC kicks against BVAS, IReV

The All Progressives Congress, APC has kicked against the deployment of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System, BVAS and the INEC Results Viewing Portal, IReV, saying that Nigeria is not yet ready for such technology.

Prior to this, there have been reports that the ruling party was scheming to have the INEC chairman, Prof. Mahmood removed over his insistence to deploy technology to enhance and strengthen the credibility of the electoral process.

Speaking on Wednesday evening to a delegation from the Commonwealth Election Observation Mission, the National Chairman of the APC, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, said that the nation does not has the telecoms infrastructure needed to use the system.

He said; “First, I was privileged to serve as a senator. Our concern is how ready are we to deploy some of these technologies as regards transmission because we are taking a major step in transmitting election results in real time.”

“To transmit results, every part of the nation Nigeria I’m not sure that the network covers it, I know that even in parts of Abuja there is no network and we have from now till February when in substantial parts of the country there is no electricity.”

“INEC must assure us 100 percent that as at when due in transmitting results they are ready because they spoke about recharging batteries but we had in previous elections when it says it can’t recharge”.

National Organising Secretary of the party, Ambassador Suleiman Argungu also kicked against it saying;

“As a rider to what the national chairman just said about INEC transmitting results directly during the coming election, apart from the issue of electricity that is unstable, a lot of the villages and communities bordering other countries for instance my state Kebbi that is bordering two nations during the previous elections the network of Nigeria for all the networks, Glo, MTN, Airtel you can’t get them.”

“If you want to get them you have to use the number of the other countries to reach them. So, during election I don’t see how transmission of result will work. I see it coming.”


  1. The only reason APC is against BVAS etc is because it prevents rigging. The only way APC knows, is to rig elections.
    It’s an insult to the Citizens of Nigeria who excel everywhere in the world, to say we are not ripe to transmit votes electronically.
    Other African Countries are using it successfully and it brings out true report of votes cast.
    The next method open to APC is their usual sharing of money to INEC and Police officers to pervert the voting records. Money used to rig elections are usually recovered with maximum interest within the first four years. This is the source of corruption in Nigeria.
    No to changing the rules last minute. Accreditation of voters must be done electronically and transmission of counted votes must be electronically and directly from the Polling booths.

  2. APC, with lies, weather you like it or not Nigeria’s has rejected APC because they have nothing to offer to Nigerias but, killings hungry and poorvet. BVAs machine will be used.

  3. If Nigeria is not yet ripe for it .when will be the ripe time.. Inec is an independent body.I think they should allow this time.what am expecting from them the APC,should be how prepared is inec.not to come up with this.everything starts in a day.inec don’t back down. Your litmus test is next year election.

  4. That is no excuse every movement start wit a step. Those states this technology was used are still forging ahead so technology had come to stay becos it was establish by law no body will stop or discount it.
    APC Party you have deceived Nigerians enough so What stop your party not to put those telecom in order knowing fully well a time like this will come. Go and do your home work leave INEC alone to perform their constitutional duty. Enough is enough.

  5. U are all kicking against a stone bcos d transmission has been tested & found to be ok, nothing is perfect on this earth

  6. APC is known for rigging, the party has stayed the number of years it has stayed in Lagos because of rigging, so the introduction of BVAS and Irev in the electoral system will hamper that. Everytime they will complain that Nigeria is not matured for any good thing, but very matured in thuggery and banditry. INEC should stand their ground and not allow this rogues to tarnish their image.

  7. Except God is against good things and want His children to suffer thats the only way you wicked corrupt people will win.

    The BVAS has come to stay. The chosen one of God must be in power 2023.
    ObiDatti all the way

  8. If APC is finding a wahat d to Rig this election just like what d did back in 2015, it will not work. Anyone who attempt such heart will not Live to see d next day after election. It is time to cleanse this Nation from d hands of unscrupulous element. Enough is enough, we shall not sit and watch our future, our nation being distablize,.

  9. Too late to change the goal post. APC has had 8yrs to fix transmission. If the infrastructure is not there, sign of absymal failure on the part of the ruling party.

  10. Questionable characters that have all their lives clambered the social order through trickery and deceit are a threat to our democracy by constantly opposing opportunities to combat fraud in our electoral process.

    They know they can’t win in a fair process, so they avoid debates and encourage vote buying.

    Nonetheless, all men and women of good conscience must arise together as a high tide to sweep away these charlatans.

    There is no more time for complaints.

  11. apc are looking for excuses to enable them rig the coming elections and continue with their wickedness, but it’s already dead on arrival. This is a constitutional matter, Nigerians are fed up with their impunity.

  12. Nigerians shouldn’t expect anything less than what APC as a political party has said bcos they can’t win Elections again in Nigeria unless..otherwise .

  13. Inec knows better before they came out with the idea of using BVAS and IReV, so APC should not come up with there silly excuses. An average Nigerians knew that all what APC is basking on is rigging and since they see that they can not rig the election because of BVAS and IReV they are now giving idiotic excuses.

  14. Abdulaziz Adamu is a mad man, you are two time governor and have been in the senate all the years after your tenors as governor,prior to that, you have been minister of state for works and housing and now now chairman of the rulling Party,in all these, you did nothing to effect electricity even in your own locality and Nasarawa state as a whole, the reason why we want you old brigade and ancestors to vacate politics and return to farms,from Keffi your home and local government,the level of poverty is highly noticeable everywhere and you people refuse to leave upon all what you people has gotten,still occupying the positions your grand children suppose to occupying,your presidential candidate wants to turn Nigeria as an inheritance to their children and cronies.Enough is enough. Results must be transmitted electronically if you don’t want sorry

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