BREAKING: Nigeria to review diplomatic relations with Indonesia over Assault


The Nigerian Government through the ministry of foreign affairs has announced that it will be reviewing bilateral relations with Indonesia over the recent assault on a Nigerian Diplomatic Officer.

POLITICS NIGERIA earlier reported that a Nigerian Diplomatic officer simply identified as ‘Ibrahim’ was brutalized by Indonesian Immigration officials after failing to provide them with identification.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, signed by Esther Sunsuwa, spokesperson for the foreign affairs ministry, the Ambassador in Indonesia has been recalled.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received a comprehensive report from the Nigerian Ambassador in Indonesia on the manhandling and arrest of a Nigerian diplomat. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had previously summoned the Indonesian Ambassador to the Ministry to express outrage and to protest strongly.”

“After studying the report of the Nigerian Ambassador, the Nigerian Government condemns in the strongest terms what is in effect an egregious act of international delinquency by Indonesian State actors against an accredited representative of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with absolutely no justification and against international law.”

“The Nigerian Government demands appropriate sanctions against the relevant officials and has recalled its Ambassador in Indonesia for consultations, including a review of bilateral relations.”

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms its resolve to protect the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians wherever they are in the world and calls for calm as consultations continue.”

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