BREAKING: Nigerian Army Airstrike kills 7 Children in Niger

Seven Children has have been killed in an Airstrike by the Nigerian Army during an operation against Bandits on the border of Niger, POLITICS NIGERIA has learned.

The incident occurred in the village of Nachade on Friday, February 18, 2022.

According to Chaibou Aboubacar, the governor of the Maradi region, where the incident took place, Five others were seriously injured in the attack.

“There was a mistake with the Nigerian strikes on the border that resulted in victims on our territory in the village of Nachade. The victims are 12 children, seven of them dead and five wounded.”

Four children died instantly and three others succumbed “to their injuries while being transported to the hospital,” said Abubakar.

The governor said the parents of the victims were attending a ceremony at the time of the incident while the children were probably playing before they were hit by the strikes.

“The parents were attending a ceremony and the children were probably playing when the strikes.” said Aboubacar. The Governor added that the planes were targeting “armed bandits” in the border areas, but “missed their target” hitting Nachade instead.

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