BREAKING: Nnamdi Kanu orders Attack on President Buhari in Japan [FULL STATEMENT]


The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has ordered an attack on President Muhammadu Buhari as he visits Japan on Sunday.

President Buhari will depart Abuja Sunday for Japan to participate in the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) holding in the City of Yokohama, August 28-30, 2019.

President Buhari’s participation will be his second, having attended TICAD6 in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2016.

With the theme, “Africa and Yokohama, Sharing Passion for the Future,” the Opening Session of TICAD7 will be performed by the Japanese Prime Minister and host, Shinzo Abe.

Below is a Press Statement from the pro-secession group;

“The formidable IPOB family in Japan is hereby placed on direct order to ensure the impostor Jubril Al-Sudani, masquerading as the late dictator Mubammadu Buhari, is arrested and handed over to the authorities when he sets foot on Japanese soil. He is not only a fake president, he is wanted for mass murder and crimes against humanity for his role in previous and ongoing genocide in Biafraland.”

” Under Japanese law, an impostor is a common criminal and subject to citizens arrest. International diplomatic protocol as it relates to visiting heads of state is not applicable in this instance because whoever Abba Kyari is sending to Japan is not the real Buhari. We must make sure he is apprehended and handed over to the police in Japan.”

“Any legal fall-out emanating from any confrontation will end up in a Japanese court where we will be able to establish before the world that Jubril is indeed a fake Buhari.”

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  1. I think we have a somewhat indifferent and passionless Muhammadu Buhari regarding the handling of critical issues many Nigerians expected his drastic and convincing attention. This attitude has caused the Nigerian people a lot of hell in recent time. Confronting him on this may not be out of place.

  2. If Nnamdi Kanu is bold enough to be inciting miscreants and potential criminals against top government officials in foreign countries, despite the fact that he is a wanted fugitive, as he did in Germany against a duly elected senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who was also at one time a deputy Senate President, and also his tribesman. Then, one can simply confirm that this man is a threat to the entire Nation. For him to have the effrontery to threaten President Mohammadu Buhari of impending vicious attack on him in Japan is an insult to the entire Nation. The government should use every power at his command, to extradite this fugitive in any country he may be residing, to come and face charges of treasonable felony appropriately. If found guilty, then he should be given the appropriate sentence without any mercy or sentiment.

      1. Then who will face felony and treason for the level of tyrany, insecurity, and deaths from herdsmen (buhari’s kingsmen) and boko haram in the country, the hardship, dilapidated medical facilities while they travell abroad with their families for minor illness, see what happened in benue, how many herdsmen have been arrested? The security agencies have been corrupted and polarised. This same ignorant, lazy, poor, and unimportant nigerians voted him into power, made him president and also the nigerian communty still owns him and can replace him if they want. So young man, whether in military or democratic governance, the people being governed must have a say.

    1. see your tribalism act you now call him brother not your deputy sanete president . This what cause problem in that country, no tribe or ethnic is so important we are all Nigerians fighting for the best. I am edo not hob Yoruba or Hausa ok

    2. Akin, you are nothing but a shame, and a complete disgrace to utter such nonsense about Nnamdi Kanu. Buhari and his fellow criminals have engaged themselves in the slaughter of Nigerians for several years now. Yet, neither you nor any stinking person who currently is a service member of the present evil system you call government, has said nor done something. Buhari should be impeached and every criminal associated with this present evil system you call government, should be persecuted for the murder of innocent Nigerians. Slimming, back stabbing, sell outs, and greeds likes you who because of what they are getting from this evil system, have continuously jeopardized the positive efforts of well meaning Nigerians, hence, you and your entire generations should be driven into exile and all your Stolen wealth seized. May the soil of Nigeria, reject all of you and your entire generations for refusing to speak for the blood of the innocents that are currently crying out for justice. It shall never be well with you all.

  3. …..silent is the best respond and answer to the foolish….!

    ….also, it is of money when goods are sold for the less amount of money they were bought…..!

  4. if you dare attacks Buhari or any respecting person from North. you’re finished and all your family and friends plus sympathizers will be executed

    1. Uncircumcise bloody vampire try it this time then you will see and know the difference between 1967-70 and 2019

  5. Whether buhari will win this argument or nnamdi, already a global security concern has been raised on the president, this will beef up the president’s security or the host country’s security. The world will get to know more. Either the hausa community will protect their buhari or the IPob will try something stupid if they can.

  6. We will see to that effects , if you are a man come and joins them, a man that is run up and down is here talking attack on the President of another country on another country and the president of that will allow it happen

  7. Pmb is gift from GOD to the entire world, so u can do ur worse pmb remain unshakable before any lunatic or carword, who ran away before buratai boys during operation paiton dance that took place in abia state.

  8. Kanu stop deceiving igbo youths, go back home and fight for your freedom. The Israelite u trying to copy there mock at you stop fulliing your self in the hand of so called European who dont no if ur existing

  9. Kalu has started again, in as-much as i don’t care what happens to president buhari as a person, i will never listen to the ranting of mr kalu. I thought he preached on none violence then why is he instigating others to go violent and put their stay go a foreign country at risk.

  10. Nigeria As A Country Is No More. Only Fools Blinded By Religion N Tribalism Are Ratlings.Why Are Sinking Into Destruction And We Are Still Still Smilling? Nigerians Wake Up!

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