BREAKING: One feared dead as Yoruba and Hausa traders clash in popular Lagos market

The Oluwole Market in Ogba, Lagos, witnessed a disruption of commercial activities as clashes erupted between Yoruba and Hausa communities.

The clash, which began on Thursday night and escalated into Friday morning, resulted in the tragic death of a young man, further fueling tensions between the two groups.

Daily Trust reports that the clash reportedly started when a Yoruba man, identified as Abbey, intervened in a quarrel between two Hausa men.

In the course of the intervention, Abbey was allegedly stabbed by an unidentified assailant, leading to fatal injuries.

The aftermath of Abbey’s death triggered a reprisal attack between Yoruba and Hausa residents in the area.

The reprisal attack resulted in the destruction of property, particularly food items such as peppers, onions, and other commodities sold by Hausa traders in the Oluwole Market.

The clashes led to a standstill in commercial activities, causing significant disruption and concern among residents.

Eyewitnesses reported a heightened police presence in the market area, with patrol vans attempting to control the situation and restore normalcy.

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