BREAKING: Ortom, Benue Leaders withdraw support for Atiku [DETAILS]


The Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom has possibly withdrawn his support for the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar.

POLITICS NIGERIA gathered on Tuesday evening that Ortom accused Atiku of dishonoring him as Governor and working against the interests of the state.

Ortom appeared to have been miffed by Atiku’s comments on recent killings carried out by Fulani herdsmen in the state. He accused Atiku of working with Miyetti Allah.

“It was not correct for a presidential candidate who is seeking to rule the people to say that kind of thing,”  Ortom said on Tuesday at the Chapel of Grace, Government House, Makurdi.

“It was very wrong. And it would appear that he doesn’t even reference me and consider me to be a Governor of my state.

He also fired Atiku for sidelining him in his presidential campaign team.

“I am not in his campaign team,”

“The people they appointed there, no consent from me. So I’ll remain on my own. But I’m waiting; when the election comes, we shall vote the election according to the election.”, he said.

Ortom’s statements are coming after a group of elder statesmen in Benue, Minda Leaders of Thoughts, also withdrew their support for Atiku over alleged hate speech and profiling of Benue people.

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  1. This is our problem in Nigeria, we seems to be partial in dealing with serious matters like this, God will see us through

  2. Some of these politicians are really funny. I am beyond words to see that Mr. Ortom is just knowing Mr. Atiku, an ethnic jihadist. We in Benue have to seek out our protection from people like Buhari and Atiku. They are ethnic cleansers and cannot see beyond their race Luckily we are blessed with our location to start with and are not Northerners. Who wants to be a Northerner? Their plague of underdevelopment, chronic retrogression, embedded corruption, savagery etc are rubbing on us. Be careful whom you dine and wine with so that your days may be long.

    1. We really don’t know what is coming up but let’s be wise of the people who we vote for..every leader has a Target…

  3. If governor’s stand up like Ortom and Wike against bad leadership without minding party affiliation I think 2023 will be good

  4. Ortom you have dug your own grave by yourself telling us not to support PDPis telling us to support another political party

  5. wow, am proud of my people, after chilling of our people from his brother Fulani hi won’t be coming president again just like hi brother buhari na wow oo, am not soput eney party but all I can say now is that mare God provid a good leader for ous in 2023 eletion, am from BENUE STATE, mar God diliver ous from wicked leader in this country AMEN, THOMAS FROM LAGOS

  6. #Samuel# you love your governor he always say the truth, but is too late for he,he should have see it afar not to wait until someone payed he a visit and he tell him what to do God must surely punish them so called politicians

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