BREAKING: Oshiomole, Ize-Iyamu kneel to beg Benin Traditional Rulers for Support [PHOTOS]


Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and the Gubernatorial candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Osagie Ize-Iyamu have pleaded with some traditional rulers in the state for support in the upcoming elections.

Ize-Iyamu, in a statement on Sunday, disclosed, that he visited the Enigie of Egbaen town to pay homage and present his manifesto. He wrote;

“I just left the palace of His Royal Highness, Edomwonyi Iduozee Ogiegbean, the Enigie of Egbaen town and the President of Enigies in the Benin Kingdom where I went to pay homage to the Enigies and present my SIMPLE agenda manifesto.”

“I delivered copies of the #POISIMPLEAGENDA and highlighted some of the measures designed to tackle insecurity, particularly the rising cases of kidnapping, through careful investments and partnership with community heads and traditional rulers for crucial local intelligence.”

“I promised to replace the elitist and detached approach of the present government with a functional and true government of the people, by the people, and for the people with felt policies and achievements at the grassroots.”

“I am grateful to the Enigies for their prayers, blessings, and warm reception.”

Photos below;

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  1. Is a pity, kneeling just for votes nd after winning u now deal with them. Just give them the money u brought

  2. Will they continue to kneel down and beg the enigies if he eventually wins the election and sworn-in as a governor?
    I believe the answer is no.
    APC should forget this election.
    Edo people will return Gov. Obaseki

  3. If Ize iyamu were a good candidate he should not be begging for the Obas support. Kneeling down to beg is a sign of a failed foundation

  4. Well not bad ! Beside it’s part campaigns rally but politicians must always remember that it was people’s who have the votes and it’s the key for theirs victory no matter how .

  5. Well not bad ! Beside it’s part of politicalcampaigns rally but politicians must always remember that it was people’s who have the votes and it’s the key for theirs victory no matter how .

  6. Somebody called him a fake Pastor and a criminal in 2016 and that he was rosticated because he bathed his school mate with acid and the guy is deformed for life when he was in 200 level at the university of Benin. Now he wants to be governor of Edo. HaaaaHaaaaaaa!
    God will never allow that to happen . He will not win the election.

  7. Every day osho must perform some drama, if you do well in Edo state no need of kneeling before the traditional rulers Edo vote wisely

  8. Edo is too complex to be presented with simple agenda. You simply do not have any concrete agenda. You want the governorship position for the money and it’s grandeur…

  9. Election is here again….Politician are going back to the grassroot to beg for vote.Nigerians are so forgetful that’s the problem….they will forget years of torment,kidnapping,terrorism,looting and all manner of evil crimes perpetrated by this same politicians and start flying their campaign posters everywhere.I doubt this country will make head way with this same cycle of human beings.
    May God help us all.

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