BREAKING: PDP, Labour Party, others ask INEC Chairman to resign, demand fresh Elections

The Labour Party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and African Democratic Congress (ADC) and six other political parties on Tuesday demanded a fresh election, saying the February 25 presidential poll in Nigeria has been “unrecoverably compromised”.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Labour Party National Chairman, Julius Abure; the PDP chairman, Iyorchia Ayu; as well as their ADC counterpart, Ralph Nwosu, disclosed their stance during a joint press conference at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja.

Part of the grouse is that Saturday’s presidential election was manipulated by officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) at polling units, especially by their failure to upload results electronically on the commission’s Results Viewing Portal (IReV).

“This election is not free and far from being fair”, adding that there are “ongoing cancellation of results from areas of strength of the opposition parties,” Abure, who spoke on behalf of the LP, PDP and the ADC, said.

The aggrieved parties declared a vote of no confidence on INEC chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu and asked him to immediately step aside ‘for an unbiased person to take over and conduct a fresh election’.

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  1. The inec chairman is bent on setting the country on fire with his underground rigging in favour of his principal that appoint him as the independent national electoral commission inec.
    Kindly resign your position an avoid setting this country on fire for most of us who don’t have security an where to run too when it start

  2. The stand of the opposition parties is a good one. It is in the interest of the Nigerian populace who voted their choice last Saturday. The earlier inec chairman cleared from the road, and fresh election ordered, the better for Nigeria as a country.

  3. Nigerians cannot be fooled again. Let the will of Nigerians be made open by declaring the authentic results as gotten from polling units

  4. The best thing for the inece chairman and his state commissioers to do is to resign. And Nigerian will conduct a fresh election under an interim government not under the watch of bihari any more. APC government has fell Nigerians and they are not credible to conduct election any more in this nation. If they did not agree to do the supreme Court of this country will do so..

  5. The same INEC chairman Yakubu that rigged 2019 election, in favour of APC, why a accreditation free, tomb printing free, but uploading locked, that is where he reserved for rigging, Yakubu has painted his face black, and it will be bad history about him now and future generation yet to come

  6. All I want to say is that God is watching
    And all the people behind the manipulation of results and all kind of electoral mail practice including that so called INEC or eyeneck will be punished by God.
    Their punishment will be so much that they will be begging for death to come but instead extra one year will be added to them.

  7. Yakubu is the main devil in this election on election he went to tinubu just to collect bribe this country is not a country this a state and capital

  8. Why do Nigeria always pampered corruption and wickedness! INEC has been the loopholes and originator of bad governance in the this country followed by the Supreme Court.
    If Nigerians fail to do the needful concerning the 100% rigged result announced by the INEC, we should be aware that this is our last chance to get it right in this country. Nigerian government should stop pampering the INEC chairman and get him and whosoever that is involved arrested immediately.

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