BREAKING: Soldiers open fire on Shiites, 6 feared dead [PHOTOS]

About 6 people have reportedly been shot dead as members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN clashed with security agents at the Gwarimpa gate near Galadimawa in Abuja on Tuesday.

The IMN members also known as ‘shiites ‘were about to round off their Arbaeen Symbolic Trek when joint security agents opened fire on them.

POLITICS NIGERIA also learned that two Shiite members were shot by security operatives around a new generation bank along 3rd Avenue in Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja.

The incident threw the trek into confusion as people scampered for safety. The Secretary of  the Academic Forum of IMN, Abdullahi Musa has since confirmed the incident.

“They are just shooting people. As I am talking to you now, six people have been killed. They even carried some dead bodies away,” he told a news correspondent.

Members of the sect had on Tuesday morning come out in continuation of their procession to mark the fortieth day of the murder of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

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  1. Shiities are piece distoppers. They are government highjackers if they have their way. And we are unfortunate to have our kind of law system that might come to even favour them at the end of a court process. God save us

    1. If Nigeria is truly a secular state, people should be free to practice their religions the way they like, provided other peoples rights are not infringed upon. All Muslims cannot be Sunnis. A religious denomination should not be suppressing the rights of other denomination simply because they’re in minority. Unless our government can prove that I SWAP, Boko Haram, Herdsmen militants the deadly bandits and kidnappers are all from Shiites, nobody can rationally justify the wicked persecutions the Shiites are going through in the hands of the present Sunni dominated government in Nigeria. The most annoying thing about all these is the use of state power by a religious denomination to flout our constitution in the prosecution of religious war against a defenceless fellow Muslims. What legally concerns the Nigerian Army about maintenance of peace on the streets when the police have not encountered a major security breach that has gone beyond their capacity? Has the IMN invited militants mercenaries to nigeria to warrant the frequent military onslaught against them? Are the Shiites a militant organization unknown to Islam? Does our constitution allow extrajudicial killing of anyone in Nigeria without recourse to our courts? Where is the place of arrests and diligent prosecution? When did a peaceful procession become a crime punishable by instant death in nigeria? Our security forces must be professional in their conducts. Religious fanaticism or religious bias must not be associated with their daily conducts anymore if they still want their honour preserved. They should stop obeying unpopular orders from anyone, no matter the status or no matter how highly placed. Their loyalty must be primarily to NIGERIA and not to any religion, tribe or group. The lMN members are Nigerians and part of those that our security forces are trained to protect. Any order from anyone to kill them at sight or to illegally strip them of their constitutional rights is an unpopular and an unconstitutional order, which must be bluntly rejected by our security forces at all times, no matter the source of such order. Even the Commander-in-Chief is supposed to give any order by quoting from sections of the constitution for such orders to be legitimate and enforceable

    2. Yeah all this husua people are the one putting this great nation in a fearful activities but president take them as good covenant

  2. What is really happening in this kwantri self? Naija is now a full fledged banana republic.. Shooting & killing everywhere….

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