BREAKING: Presidency reacts to Buhari’s alleged refusal to Hand Over to Tinubu

The Nigerian Presidency has reacted to reports that President Muhammadu Buhari will not hand-over to Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the winner of the just concluded Presidential elections.

In a statement on Friday, signed by Garba Shehu, sent to POLITICS NIGERIA, the Presidency called in the general public to disregard the report. The statement read:

“The Presidency wishes to denounce as outrageous and fake, and condemns the fake news brigade for attributing a false quote to President Muhammadu Buhari and circulating it.”

“How can you vigorously campaign for somebody, vote for him and then say you won’t hand over to him? This beggars belief.”

“The situation of the Sahara Reporters is pretty pathetic since their ownership is politically partisan in today’s politics, in fact a loser in the presidential election. Instead of talking about issues, they repeatedly sell lies in the hope that people believe them as truth.”

“The government is already in transition phase. The Transition Committee, made up of representatives of the outgoing administration and the incoming one is meeting on an almost daily basis planning the handover to the Tinubu/Shettima administration.”

“Thirteen committees as offshoots of the main committee, some, to arrange military drills and pulling out of President Buhari, are either all at work or soon to be. So far, everything is going very well and there is no indication of any hitches.”

“As for the President, the Daura community has begun their preparations to receive their son back after the successful administration of the country for two terms of eight years. He, for his part, is eager to return home to enjoy his retirement.”

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  1. I like my style. I will vote for the candidate I am sure will solve mine and my family’s and friends’ problems. If I don’t see anyone meeting that standard, I keep to myself. These headaches and heartaches are not for me. Wise men learn from past experiences.

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