BREAKING: President Buhari speaks on ‘losing control’ of his Government, reveals next move


President Muhammadu Buhari has finally reacted to reports that he has ‘lost control’ of his government. The President in a statement via his media aide, Garba Shehu on Sunday evening decribed the statements as ‘False’ and ‘Fallacious’.

The statement made available to POLITICS NIGERIA read;

“The Presidency wishes to respond to a number of opinion articles and a stringent newspaper editorial this Sunday, which outrageously said President Muhammadu Buhari was not in control of his administration.”

“As many detractors have done lately, these “influencers,” “celebrated columnists” and “editorial comments” do no more than endorse the opposition’s utterly wrong and fallacious position that the President is not in charge of his government.”

“Sometimes, we are forced to wonder whether some writers are mindful of the implication of words for the strategic and territorial interests of the nation. An entrenched culture of dissent in our country is not something that anyone, not least a Buhari Presidency wants to stamp down.”

“The fact that these baseless and appallingly mischievous attacks can freely be aired is itself evidence of the right to freedom of expression prevailing in the country today. Whether it is Ibrahim Magu, Godswill Akpabio, NDDC, NSITF and the others, Nigerians are bound to hold differing opinions, write letters, opinion columns, editorials and even stage lawful protests.”

“What is sometimes worrisome is that several of these comments, disguised as objective criticisms are merely speaking the language of the opposition-the people who ruined the country during their 16 years of corruption on an industrial scale. These detractors pick up isolated issues like the ones in the EFCC, NDDC, and incidents of crime and corruption which have been with the country for years, and without any serious effort to uncover them, paint them a phenomena orchestrated and happening because President Buhari’s administration has decided to pursue cases of suspected wrongdoing in the anti-corruption agency, pension funds, NDDC and other government agencies.”

“But the government was the first to point out the obvious embarrassment that potential acts of wrongdoing by the EFCC leadership would cause the administration. The question to ask is: did they expect the President to draw a curtain over these suspected scandals by not ordering audits and investigations? And for them to turn around to accuse him of a cover-up?”

“To do a cover-up and not order audits and investigations as the President did would amount to a historic betrayal of the mandate and the faith placed in him by the Nigerian people.”

“President Buhari’s integrity, uprightness and probity are intact and well known. Let us remind these so-called editorial writers that ECOWAS, Africa Union and the international community at large recognized President Buhari as Champion of the Anti-Corruption fight in Africa.”

“Nigerians are convinced that he is honest. They voted for him as President against the background of corruption, public policy paralysis and growing menace of terrorists threatening to take over a sizable portion of the nation’s territory. In his five years in office, there is not a single charge of corruption against his person.”

“As the leader of the country, President Buhari fully understands and bears the full weight of the solemn oaths he swore to defend the nation’s constitution, its citizens and territory. Disinformation is not a viable option for opposition. The Buhari government has done nothing to warrant these criticisms. Under our laws, you are innocent until proven guilty: Investigation, trial then conviction. Not the other way round. To carry out investigations before condemnation or conviction should not be misconstrued as a weakness or a vacuum in leadership.”

“The war against corruption is today at historic crossroads. This is the time all Nigerians should stand together to roll it back. President Buhari is determined not to be diverted by unfounded attacks, neither would he compromise the sacred mandate of Nigerians. He is determined to get justice for Nigerians on all these corruption cases being pursued.”

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  1. That is how Adam oshomole defended pmb until today he is in his house disgrace out of office. Your case will not be different. So say the truth and shame the devil

  2. I’m sure Adam Oshomole will tell Obaseki that if he (Obaseki) decamp to apc his sins have been forgiving. Politicians should know that governance is transitional, temporary, and caretaker.

  3. Pls Mr President,this democracy, freedom of speech and fair hearing,pls divide the country let us from the south south go manage our oil n u people also go n manage ur own the north pls Mr President am begging u pls sir,let us go ,we are tired of u people ruling n marginalizing us pls, look at few days ago, sultan of sokoto was saying he has 23 oil well to him self,all in niger Delta, while the people who has this oil in south south Nigeria,do not even one,a single one to them selves why,pls divide this country now

  4. The president has taken absolutely right decision to investigate EFCC boss and it’s a proof of leadership without compromise. On the NDDC, His decisions are also in order. He has responded in a right thinking manner, you don’t expect him to cover up or expect him to sack his minister because of the revelations made by sacked MD, the revelations might be seen as after thought hence the order for forensic audit is a good way of doing the right thing. I don’t think it will wise for any good leader to sack his minister based on an unproven allegation. Am not standing in for his minister but one need to follow reasonable process in order to make wise decision.
    On these two cases, the president is very straight forward and has demonstrated good leadership and at the process of taking appropriate decisions based on aftermath of the actions taken.

  5. The fight against insurgent has been greatly won as far as I am concern because sometimes before 2015 bombs were detonated in the heart of Jos. I even learnt that the authorities were informed but no action was taken until it blew-up innocent people. Places of worship were attacked inside Jo’s township and no body mind. Today we only hear of occasional attacks carried out in Villages which is not still good but better than what we use to face in Plateau.

  6. The President must remain focused and deliberate. He must not be distracted by few delinquent, misguided and absolutely corrupt Nigerians whose stock in trade is to rob our beloved country blind in perpetuity. PDP and her stooge should be ashamed and his their faces instead of making blind assumptions and misleading assertions, however majority of Nigerians know better, we are mindful of the several years of endorsed corruption and mischievous governance of the PDP. It is sad but not surprising that some section of the press are part of the conspiracy to destract this government and mislead some, not surprising though because they are part of the gravy train of mindless looters and perverse corrupters. We are determined to stand by this Buhari’s presidency and urge Mr President to be resolute and resilient. It’s only a sincere man that rebukes and expose his family’s wrongdoing openly.

  7. those person said this he doesn’t wthat life all about, because if they divided Nigerian into two you don’t have farmers Land,meat,is only fuel you will eating yourself.

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