BREAKING: President Buhari to hold National Broadcast by 7pm


President Muhammadu Buhari will on Monday evening, address Nigerians via a national broadcast. This was made known via a statement signed by the president’s special adviser on media, Femi Adesina.

The statement sent to POLITICS NIGERIA, read;

“President Muhammadu Buhari will broadcast to the nation Monday, April 13, 2020, at 7 pm.”

“Television, radio and other electronic media outlets are enjoined to hook up to the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) respectively for the broadcast.”


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  1. Daddy Buhari please allow us to go and look for our daily bread, am dying for Corona-hunger the logistics/palliative you send has not reached me and my family had being this your regime is during military I will be satisfied because everyone will get palliative but in civilian government it doesn’t work out one individual will carry trailer for himself and family alone daddy believe, and price will be under control that military for sure, sellers have taken the advantage of the pandemic place naija on artificial inflation.

  2. Pls let this be in favour of we the release us to go our jobs since they can’t even assist us. It’s only audio promise we’re receiving here.


  3. Daddy buhari please the best way to help this issue is to lock the airport not going out of aeroplane, no coming in of aeroplane, so please you need to allow bank to operate, course is not everyone that have a ATM some need to go to the bank to make the transaction so those that don’t have ATM how will they survive all this you need to put into consideration you need to put yourself in someone’s shoe before you can be a good leader, allow workers to go to work no social gathering no party just go to your work come back go to your house it will help many people if you take this way you will get many souls dead with hunger people that hungry will kill will be bigger than people that Corona virus killed, Mark my world

    1. Government re the causes of this spreading of this deadly desease called coronavirus
      Government have to share the money them pronunces earlier so that people would not go out and steal or contact the viruse
      I assured u that despite the fact there is a lock down in a country people that are not ready to die in hunger re still going out
      So if government can do something about our life financially it will be very impressed

  4. President sai baba, i beg open the lock down and allow individuals to flow. Hunger want to finish me and my family. I no need your 20k. I just need freedom please sir.

  5. It is good to know that the government care for our lives by asking us to stay indoors so that we won’t be infected with this pandemic,but didn’t do anything like giving us food to sustain us for that period of time.
    Even though they didn’t give much, Nigerians would have appreciated the little they see. Or maybe they gave something and some people cornered it, government that really care would have asked the public if what they gave was really given to the people, if they find out that nothing was given, then they will do something about it. Keeping silent about things like this is not good at all. Please please and please, our government should try to do something because of God. Thank you.

  6. if buhari could not put an end to this uprising about corona virus lockdown,or prefer solution for the poor to survive these hard time,then he had failed us all,and he must be overthrowned

  7. I need someone assistant for this eat today meal is by his grace!
    I just ate today meal just now since morning.ooh my lovely and good me for God sake

  8. Please big daddy Baba Buhari, and all the Executive Leaders should look in & out way, praying for situation we are in.
    People where suffering in all aspects of life , Let keep praying to God will help, while not going to Mekkah to seek for Duai.

  9. Please Our president with due respect allow us to go and work for our food, This lockdown is causing something else..

  10. Please our government should fine another alternatives hungry can kill more than Corona virus, you told us to stay at home with an empty stomach how can we survived, others countries were supporting they citizens with food stuck and money, Nigeria is the worst country I have ever seen. No love in Nigeria may God help the poor

  11. waww!!! Mr baba we need food and drinks with money we’re going hungry and more Baba place I, I’m sorry 7 Mr President

  12. Am tired of hunger, you people should look for another reasonable things to do about the covid 19 than this extension. We Are still pleading with you Sir Mr President and our governor.

  13. Please big daddy buhari me and my family are drying of hunger we have not eaten for the past two days please oo save us we are tired of these lock down

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