BREAKING: Protesters Defy Tight Security, Demand End to Hardship Under Tinubu [PHOTOS]

A large group of protesters have converged on the Ikeja Underbridge in Lagos, in protest of the present living conditions in the country.

The protesters, comprising various civil society groups, were met with a heavy security presence, as policemen and officials of the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps were deployed to maintain order.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the protesters chanted solidarity songs and wielded placards and banners with inscriptions such as “President Tinubu, let the poor breathe”, “For another general strike with mass protest now”, and “Payment of living wage to all Nigerian workers now”.

The protest was spearheaded by several civil society groups, including the Take It Back Movement, the Education Rights Campaign, the Coalition for Revolution, and the Socialist Workers League.

Today is the day the country marks its Democracy Day.

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