BREAKING: Rivers State Commissioner for Works, George-Kelly Alabo, Resigns [PHOTO]

Rivers State Commissioner for Works, Dr. George-Kelly Alabo, has resigned, adding to the growing list of resignations in the state.

This comes just hours after the reported resignation of Special Projects Commissioner, Chief Emeka Woke, and amidst a bitter feud between Governor Siminalayi Fubara and his predecessor, Nyesom Wike.

Hours before his official resignation, Dr. George-Kelly reportedly posted a cryptic message on Facebook, urging people to “appreciate” their fathers.

He reportedly wrote, “We all have fathers. Pls don’t forget your father. Our fathers laboured for us all to become graduates or whatever we are today. Let’s appreciate them.”

The resignations follow Attorney General Zachaus Adango’s recent departure, citing personal reasons.

The rift between Wike and Fubara has already led to the defection of 27 lawmakers from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The crisis in Rivers State heightened on Wednesday when the state government demolished the state legislative chamber.

The state Commissioner for Information and Communications, Joseph Johnson, in a statement on Wednesday, said the place was unsafe for human habitation because of the recent explosion and fire incident there.

Just before the demolition of the chamber, four lawmakers loyal to the state Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, led by factional Speaker, Edison Ehie, held a plenary at the Government House, Port Harcourt. They thereafter okayed the state budget, presented to them by Governor Fubara.

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  1. We’re in democratic Republic. Rivers state should call those assembly men back.and declear their sits vacant. Those commissioners are not made to be in those office s they were put in there by wike. So the governor of the people , Should work with New men that love their people .not those who were put to work for their Godfather while the people are denied good governance. Fubra was elected by the people and for the people. Godfatherison is the problem .in Nigeria. that’s why politicians steal and continue to steal .God help the common people.

    1. U have spoken so logically. Woke imposed the commissions on fubara and has openly bragged that he is entitled receive returns for his ipolitical nvestment. So go. Should reconstitute d cabinet, weed out the moles do that he can concentrate on governance.

  2. Bros is too early to fight who help u ok we shuld all appreciate who help us,either he like it or not wike help him so he need to b loyal to him if he dnt wnt wike to help him he would hav reject de offer at de first place.my personal opinion.

  3. U hv done well honourable commissioner.We will see what become of Fubara at the day.Betrayal,ingrate of highest order.

    1. Oga pack one side, you and your so called Wíké is the ingrete, when you put someone in a position, learn to give him breathing space. Nothing will happen to Fubara, ewu

    2. People like you are the problem of this country. God fatherism can only be supported by people who are jobless and depend on state resources for survival. Fubara doesn’t owe anyone. Unless you are trying to tell me that Wike rigged River’s election.

  4. Fubara is a big disgrace to humility, character and patience. This is why I don’t blame some for not helping others at times. Respect who ever that helped you in one way or the other, many are suffering because they got no helper

    1. Jacobs and Fortune,
      You two are disgrace to ordinary citizens of this country suffering and living in Penury. It’s coz your type of persons that have sold their conscience to personal benefits that this country bleeds and the innocent citizens suffer continuously. I pray God save your souls and open your eyes to see.
      Very Pathetic assertion!!

      1. It’s their opinion and it’s their rights. You believe fubara will erase wike’s work and influence uhm? Whoever pays Goodwill with evil, what does BIBLE SAYS….BE WISE!!!

    2. What are you saying,Wike has played his own role as Governor of the the State,so he should allow the next Governor to serve the people without any interference for the State to move forward,God fatherism should be out of the game completely.

    3. Fumarate remain steadfast don’t check Wike has no integrity all the things he said he abhors are the things he is doing, he wants to be minister & governor at the same time. Greedy wolf

  5. If I may ask Wike and his fellows, can you people tell us the sin or crime Fubara committed? Why are you people so selfish..it’s a shame you people are only walking for Wike interest not for betterment of the state.. We are happy to miss you all.

  6. Please resign so that Fubara will put reasonable person there, you know too well that you can’t withstand the heat because wike brought you through a corrupt door, only evil men like you will resign or move to other party, make we see waiting Wíké go give una for federal, mumu, yiu tgink say wike na president, you no even no say his position as minister of FCT dey shake, slave…

  7. People like you are the problem of this country. God fatherism can only be supported by people who are jobless and depend on state resources for survival. Fubara doesn’t owe anyone. Unless you are trying to tell me that Wike rigged River’s election.

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