BREAKING: Rivers Youths Shut Down LG Secretariat, Demand Chairman’s Removal as Tenure Expires [VIDEO]

Youths in Rivers State have shut down the Asari Toru Local Government Secretariat, demanding the removal of their Chairman.

This comes amidst a heated dispute between Local Government Area (LGA) chairmen and Governor Sim Fubara.

The Chairman, whose tenure expires today, has reportedly fled his office as residents invaded the secretariat.

The incident is linked to the ongoing legal battle between the LGA chairmen and the state government. The matter is currently in court, with the next hearing scheduled after their tenure ends.

Security operatives have been deployed to maintain order at the council secretariat.

Recall that the LGA chairmen, loyal to former Governor Nyesom Wike, had vowed not to leave office in June.

According to Chief Hon. Dr. Irastus Awoto, Legal Adviser of the 21 LGA chairmen and Chairman of Andoni LGA, the Chairmen will stay in office for an additional six months.

Awoto stated, “We were elected in 2021, and our tenure expires in June. However, LG elections should have been concluded, and winners should be awaiting swearing-in. The Assembly recognizes that no action has been taken to conduct elections, and therefore, we must maintain democratically elected Chairmen until elections are done, as stated in the local government law.”

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  1. Fubara is no different from any of this politicians in rivers state
    I pitty this youths of this state that there are using to curse commotio here and there while his own children are in government house chilling and enjoying themselves with the rivers state money.
    His children should come out too to defend their father not another children

    1. My friend, let us all be fair in reasoning. Their tenure has expired, they should go. Food in plates do finish, so let them allow others to lead.

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