BREAKING: South-Africa denies Air Peace Landing Permit, blocks Evacuation of Nigerians


The South African authority has denied Air Peace landing right at the Oliver Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg. The refusal of the South African authority to grant the airline landing permit has once again led to the disruption in the evacuation of Nigerians from that country following the ongoing xenophobic crisis there.

The Chairman of Air Peace, Allen Onyema, who confirmed this to our journalists in Lagos said that efforts by the airline to get a permit from the South African authority failed.

The airline he said could not take off at 1 pm as planned because of the refusal of the landing permit.

As at the time of filing this report, it was not certain when the permit would be granted.

He said: “We did not take off by 1 am as scheduled because South African authorities are yet to give us landing permit. We are hopeful that they will give us the permit.

”Our crew waited till 3:00 am but when the permit did not come, they went back to the hotel. Once we get the permit we will set off to South Africa. We don’t want to speculate but we are hopeful they will give the permit.”

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  1. To stay in your country, is it by force? You rejected us, looted us, even killed us. Now the remaining ones that are still alive wants to leave, you are using all sorts of strategy to block them. Their calculation failed because they thought Nigerians will not react. They thought that Nigeria has worsen to the level that she will not care for the killings of her citizens outside there. Astonishingly, reverse is the case. But honestly, they copied their formula from the events, atrocities happening inside Nigeria; the boko ha ram, the herdsmen, the kidnappings, the arm bandits etc that had already celebrated many anniversary without stringent measures/policy to curb or rather stop them. The things we hear and read on papers are the amount of money/fund ferociously going into security yet, nothing to show for it. I will drop my biro here by saying that all these remind me of my native addage which says that, ” Ana adighi mma by uru ndi nze”. God will judge everyone according to his deeds.

  2. this is to show u how important the Igbo’s are, once the Igbo’s leaves a particular country that countries economy will die.

  3. The South African Nation is biting more they can chew!!!
    They have the lions walking on their streets, they have their lions playing hide and seek with tourist, but Not Nigerian lions Let some one tell South African Nation
    A word is enough for the wise!!

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