BREAKING: NLC, TUC Suspend Strike for One Week

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) have announced a temporary suspension of the ongoing strike action, putting the struggle for a new minimum wage on hold for five days.

“We are ‘relaxing’ the action for one week and not suspending the strike, to give FG the one week grace and test their sincerity,” Francis Akinjorin, the Deputy National Secretary of the Association of Air Transport Association of Nigeria (ATTSAN) said on Tuesday.

This development follows the announcement of a joint extraordinary National Executive Council (NEC) meeting convened by the two labour centres to determine the fate of the strike.

It was learnt that meeting, which ended at 11.31 am on Tuesday, was jointly presided over by the President of NLC, Joe Ajaero, and his TUC counterpart, Festus Osifo.

After the resolution to halt the ongoing strike for a one-week, the organised labour then proceeded to the Nicon luxury hotel to continue its engagement with the tripartite committee.

The strike, which began on Monday, June 2, 2024, was called to demand a new minimum wage and protest the recent increase in electricity prices.

Recall that after a six-hour meeting with the Federal Government in Abuja on Monday, President Bola Tinubu expressed his commitment to raising the proposed minimum wage of N60,000.

The agreement stated that the President is committed to establishing a National Minimum Wage higher than N60,000.

The Tripartite Committee will convene daily for the next week to finalize an agreeable National Minimum Wage.

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  1. I have anticipated and as well, expected this to come to pass. Joe Ajaero is never a leader, that guy is just a sale-out only interested in Ghana-Must-Go. So disappointing.

  2. National Labour Congress (NLC) has always kept Nigeria in dark and hardship because of the money been given to the higher level staffs.

    It’s only a selfish person that thinks he has it all when he came empty and will return empty.

  3. The NLC of today is a toothless bulldog. It’s bark but don’t bite. Nothing is coming out of the strike. Suffering continues

  4. Please, Please and Please Nigerian also focus on reducing fuel price to #200. Petroleum products is the life wire of this Country. Thanks for your completion. Nigeria must be the best ( Giant of Africa )

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