BREAKING: Taxi Driver who stripped Naked over Lockdown arrest Jailed for 6 months


A Magistrate Court in Abuja has jailed a man for stripping naked to protest the impounding of his vehicle/arrest for violating a lockdown order in Abuja.

Emmanuel Imhoudu, in a viral video on social media, protested the seizure of his car by the FCT COVID-19 Enforcement Team by stripping naked and screaming.

The convict, Emmanuel Imhoudu is to serve 6 months in prison for his offences. In the alternative, he is to pay N10, 000 fine on each of the offences and also make a public apology on any television network.

POLITICS NIGERIA earlier reported on the incident. Imhoudu was seen in the footage saying;

“Wetin i do? I no dey provoke, I be Edo boy! I get wife, I get children! na money I come find to chop, no money, nothing. You tie us keep for house baba! Wetin you make we do? nothing!”

“Hunger virus pass coronavirus! I want make the world see am…E dey hot for us..E dey hot! We wan die, they wan kill us! Wetin we do? Ahh! I dey vex na! They seize my key…Wetin i go chop? You want make i go rob? make i carry gun?”

See footage below;

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  1. I think the government should begin their relief provision from that man and his family, not jailing or fining him. At least, it should have been obvious to citizens that they really care for the welfare of the masses. They only make provisions even for just few 60s, 70s and 80s + citizens. What of millions of others who depend only on daily earning like that man. At least let us just be reasonable cuz the interanational community and oppostions are watching the weaknesses of this government.

    1. True talk my brother this is a punishment to that and this is not the man complain that is getting out if hand and they throw into jail wicked

    2. So jailing is the right thing to do here right? What happened looking for a way to help him feed his family in this trying time. I hate this government! Gush!!!

  2. Corona-virus is telling us that, it does not know Muslim or Christians nor tribe, so we should join hands to pray to God to forgive our sins. Why God will not be anoid when man will marry man, woman to woman, man/woman marrying animals. Killing of iffant for rituals, no respect for Almighty God. Cheating and Corruption is lifestyle of the day.
    May have mercy on us and forgive us. Let’s return to God and he will return to us and heal our land.

    1. Total injustice. Please Mr Lawyer if you can help this man, this extremely wronged cab driver, please and please do.
      Nigerians will stand by you if you do and we will try and make this case go viral.

  3. Please we need to know more about this case, which Magistrate Court on Abuja, Sitting where, no legal representation, was he misguided to plead guilty, what really happened in the proceedings, we need to know more about all this?

  4. this is bad, like very bad! I must tell you the truth, how can a man that have a family and there means to survive is through this young man’s cab.. make we dey reason 0!! this is pandemic and it means total shutdown which is the country and the world.

    however Mr president, plz you really need to send out a committee inregards of the disbursement of money to all citizens to investigate if actually they are really doing thier jobs, for example we heard that there are some state that they just give you the twenty thousand to take a pix then collect it and give you two thousand to go home with, (wow really this is nigeria. plz we really pleading realise that man so that he can go home and make meet he’s family, ain’t easy this time around with out your family please forgive him plz..

  5. A man crying that they have nothing to eat at home hence he came out to look for something for his family,, at the tail end you sending him to jail and even trying to make money from him as if there is no sense in what he said. How can a judge who claims to be learned send someone to jail over this kind of case even when he or she knows that the government did not make any provision it aliviate the situation.
    Both the judge and all took part in jailing that man ehh, una get mansion for hell fire.

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