There are over 30 secession groups in South-East – Abaribe opens up

Nigerian Senator, Enyinnaya Abaribe has revealed that there are over 30 pro-secession groups in the South-East.

Abaribe, who hails from Abia, disclosed this in a recent interview with Channels Television.

He said: “Everybody is complaining about injustice, everybody is complaining about marginalisation, everybody is complaining about nepotism.

“I stand with my people.There are more than 30 different separatist organisations, apart from IPOB.”

“Why we are having agitations in different parts of Nigeria is that we aren’t able to manage our diversity.”

POLITICS NIGERIA recalls that the fiery senator stood as a surety for detained IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

When asked if he was a supporter of the group, he refused to give a definite answer.

“I am a supporter of the cries of our people against injustice,” he responded.

He criticised the Buhari administration over its handling of Terrorism in the country. He said: “The single most dangerous part is this influx of non-Nigerians with military-grade weapons sweeping across our country, going into the countryside and committing mayhem, but no effort is made to profile them, no effort is made to ensure that there is a counter surge against them.”

“All that has been happening is the attempt to reach agreement. How do you reach agreement with a terrorist who is coming from outside the country, trying to take over?”

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