BREAKING: Thugs attack Ihedioha’s recovery Team at Okorocha’s House in Imo [PHOTOS]

Thugs loyal to the Former Governor of Imo state, Senator Rochas Okorocha attacked members of Governor Emeka Ihedioha’s recovery team led by Jasper Ndubuaku at the Okorocha’s private residence located at Sipbat, Owerri.

POLITICS NIGERIA gathered that the team had gone on a recovery assignment in the area when the thugs loyal to Okorocha reportedly struck.

It’s unclear if normalcy has been restored as at the time of filing this report.

However, 7 Committee members are Missing.

The Chairman of the Committee, was seen in a picture that is viral in the social media, being beaten to stupor and thrown into a gutter with his cloths torn.

According to eyewitnesses, the hoodlums who were camped at Okorocha’s Spibat Mansion, on sighting the committee’s vehicles on a visit to recover vehicles belonging to the government and the State’s Coat of Arm, opened fire on them.

The shooting which caused pandemonium in the area, has been condemned by residents who have pointed accusing fingers at the police and the army for providing cover for the gunmen and protecting Okorocha’s family from accounting for their stewardship.

The Chairman, who was visibly in excruciating pains following a serious beating and clubbing by the gunmen is hospitalised at an undisclosed hospital in Owerri.

Watch the footage below;

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  1. No Tyrant ever succeeds without the approval and help of his oppressed victims.
    Ihedioha needs to send the Police to back up the recovery teams.
    Shoot the idiots who intervene with the recovery of Imo properties stolen by the absolute worst human to ever call himself an Igbo.

  2. I agree there is need to recover government assets but that will not put food on our table. Priorities have been grossly misplaced by Ihedioha government. He prefers to chase Rochas about recovering plastic chairs and rusted cables.
    Governance is not a show of force. It deals with the sensibilities of the governed. This governor in the past 3 months has failed to pay a single pension or gratuity. He has failed to revert to percent salary which he claimed he will do immediately he assumed office.
    It is an ominous sign that the 1st task he executed was to pull down akachi statue which he subsequently denied. He has since gone about to destroy the beautiful Iron decorations on the streets and littered same of the roads. If you calculate the money used to contract the destruction of the structures it will definitely run into billions given our leaders penchant to steal money at any given opportunity. That money should have been invested in human beings : to pay senior citizens who spent there productive years in service to the state. I know this governor will be a resounding failure by the way he started. Fighting Rochas and is good to discourage loots but that is not the reason we gave you this mandate. Ignorant followers cheer ihedioha forgetting that where two elephants fight out is the grass that suffers.

    1. Your writeup fine.. But u no get sense.
      What do you call beautiful iron decorations on the street ? Are u so dumb to see those things as beautiful ?
      Well, when have u seen Ihedioha himself going to pack properties at Okorocha’s house. Having a working committee perform their duties does not in any way interfere with the Governor’s other jobs.
      Everything is under control

  3. It is worrisome to see government painted in weakling cloak, and thugs paraded as superstars.
    Who exactly is in charge? the government or the Elite thugs? WHERE IS THIS NATION HEADING?
    Recently a Kidnap suspect was freed at the expense of highly trained Police Officers, slain in cold blood,
    not by others than Nigerian Soldiers, mandated to protect and preserve peace! GOD HAVE MERCY ON US.
    Jide Ologun

  4. It is a mark of irresponsibility by Richard and goes to confirm his level as a complete tout.Most importantly efforts should be made to confirm if indeed those wearing army uniform are real soldiers because with the amount of our money with him there is nothing he cannot not do and above all no responsible Chief of Army Staff will still deploy soldiers to guide and protect a well known criminal that looted the state fund

  5. Attacking a former governor with thugs and without valid court orders is a mistake. It seems thugs are ones again ruling the state. Rochas tried in building several verifiable structures in the state which endeared him to some of the youths. A continued attack on his person without going through the legal channels presented by the court is bound to end in bloodly response. Ihedioha should roll up his sleeves and get down to the business of governance and not thuggery. Four years goe so fast.

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