BREAKING: Tinubu Camp reacts as Court blocks Buhari, CBN from extending Naira deadline

The All progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council has reacted to a court order barring President Muhammadu Buhari and the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, from extending its currency swap deadline.

It can be recalled that the Presidential Candidate of the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, had lamented that the Currency swap was a ‘calculated’ attempt to block him from winning the 2023 elections.

A High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), on Monday, restrained Buhari, CBN, the Governor of CBN and 27 commercial banks from suspending, stopping, extending or interfering with the currency swap terminal date of February 10 or issue any directive contrary to the said deadline.

The Motion was filed by five political parties, namely Action Alliance (AA), Action Peoples Party (APP), Allied Peoples Movement (APM) and National Rescue Movement (NRM). The Court presided over by Justice Enenche also granted the order directing the CEOs of the 27 commercial banks and their alter egos to show cause why they should not be arrested and prosecuted for the economic and financial sabotage of the country by their illegal hoarding, withholding, not paying or disbursing the new N200, N500 and N1000 banknotes despite supply of such notes by the CBN.

This order of the Court has rendered futile all behind-the-scene efforts especially by Governors of some States to force the hand of the President to reverse the Naira swap policy or at least extend its deadline.

In a swift reaction, the Spokesperson of the Campaign Council, Festus Keyamo wrote;

“For the records: whilst not commenting on any matter, the FCT High Court has no jurisdiction over Federal Agencies in respect of the performance of their constitutional or statutory functions and it cannot issue any injunctive order to prevent the performance of a statutory duty.”

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  1. What now happened to N100, N50 and N20 note are they not part of our currency anymore

    CBN print N100 note for Nigerians and let’s see how a politician or billionaires will come to withdraw N10million cash from the bank

  2. Well, Mr Jagaban, there’s still time.
    Three days to go.
    You can share the money for us in the town hall different from Bala blue, that’s the Bula bla town hall

    1. This nigga politicians are not even tactical in showing their evil atrocities. There was ASUU strike for 8months which I know that only one politician can solve from his pocket, after that, there was fuel hike in price and none of them talk or care. Now, to better Nigeria with new Naira swap, they are buzzing in their shells. Mr President should have stick to 31st January then they can go and die or use those billions naira as toilet tissue. Imagine bandit sharing money at of kindness while politicians giving it to them hoarding it. Honestly, you people should change for better future!!!

    2. I can now see that some people only have head and no brain. You are castigating APC of bad situation 9f no cash and no fuel and yet you are supporting a kangaroo judgement not favauring the masses because of Tinubu,most of you will kill yourself and families because this man.

      1. Redesigning of Naira wasn’t targeted at the poor masses,it was targeted at the evil politicians who has stolen and stashed our tax payers money for their own benefits while the masses re dying of hunger and joblessness…. brother can u use Ur head for once in Ur life

    3. We are not interested in jagaban money all we know is we are voting for him is a nationalist not a tribal man this is the only Man in Nigeria history that gives a post of several commissioner to an igbo man in Lagos state know any igbo governor that has ever give any post in South East to any Yoruba man or Hausa Man in history of Nigeria.

  3. Tinubu should stop looking for whom to blame for his failures.
    8 bullion vans of new naira note was sent to his home last week.
    He should just stop deciving himself

  4. I don’t understand what is happening in this country, is we masses that surfering after voting for all this yeye people that are taking us for granted. Is God that will judge them. Nonsense, we are now begging before getting money that we walk for. Nonsence

  5. Cashless system will help reduce coroption , it will help reduce arm robbery, it will help reduce inconclusive election, lasly it will help reduce cost of bullion vans,
    My question for those that are shouting. Why not use the energy shout for fuel pormp prize that is as high at #350, cooking gas., poor man product kerosene how far.
    Please we are practicing American gorverment system. Cashless system should be included

  6. Something’s bother me, Something is Fishy, All Of a Sudden This Selfish Politicians Are Crying Wolves! Deceiving Theirselves Evil Men! Asuu was on Strike for donkey Months They Cared Less cos Their Kids Schooled Abroad but Suddenly they now care for the Masses in terms of Cash Crunch. Evil Men The After Life Awaits All Repent


    Ask the BRAINLESS bunch. Who bears the brunch if not the people?


    1. Yea, but it is the poor masses that are going to bear the brunt of this policy and not the intended target. If this situation continues in the next few days, your guess is as good as mine.

    2. My brother,thank you for being upright and objective.Some fools cannot think positively but just open their mouth and spew balderdash.People are dying, suffering over a misapplied ,evil policy which is not a priority,yet they believe Tinubu is the problem.Only God can cure this malady in Nigeria

    3. If the Federal High Court has no jurisdiction over such matter, what other court has, and where exactly would those who had been warming up to file theirs have gone? On the contrary, the Federal High Court does have jurisdiction over matters that have to do with federal agencies (such as the CBN, the police, etc) and individual servants of government.

  8. I commend the Federal government and CBN for the none extension of the new currency swap.Let the selfish politicians eat their old currencies at home.They never see anything,they will see more provided we the electorates shine our eyes and chase away all these morons politicians with our PVC by voting the right choice of leaders that will take this country to the next enviable level.

  9. I think it’s those that went to court are the 5th columnist. They are the ones wants to derail our democracy. This includes their chief champion, Malam el Rufia

  10. No matter the change or the extension of this so called monetary policy,the APC Presidential candidate is wasting his desperation and time.He’ll never ever win the election.

  11. Buying over the masses destiny for another 4 years seems so complicated, when God arises all His enemies must scatter. Now the association of prolific criminals APC are scattered so the Lord shall prevail on behalf of the suffering Nigerians

  12. I don’t just kn u people again, Bubu, wants to cut the laggs of the people who will like to make us suffer tike this tomorrow and most of u are still talking with tribalism, I here one Yoruba guy saying that he is going to vote for broom broom Tinubu that monkey no fine him mama likam, that if he wants to sale Nigeria that he should go ahead and sale Nigeria after all the money is coming to Yoruba land that them go shear the money imagin even if he is not capable they blindly want him there, as him get the he got from Lagos state how many of u is benefiting from it, after what happened in laki toll gate,
    This five parties are trying to save us from vote buying I don’t just kn what ur people are talking about,
    In the first place the 13parties who wants to pull out are right and the five parties that take bubu to Court are all so right in they decision, u can not tell me u want to provide free and fair election without vote buying or intimidating voters at the polls and at this same time trying to listen to one party complains APC and begin to change the National already made policies cos of one man in one party is it fair now,
    What is bad in in changing the coulours of our currency now which wie suppose to be changing every 5 5 year by the central bank of Nigeria law,

    1. Nigerians be wise, Ator Nzenribe is dead how did his wealth benefits the Igbos,
      And many of Nigeria big guns are gone just tell me how u benefited from they stolen money the answer is nothing,
      Then why are we killing our selves for nothing now,
      Ur they as a Area boys dying for this people and all they children are in abroad save,
      What have u gain from Orjiuzor kalu now pls tell me now,
      What have u gain from Ator Eze nothing they are making money for they hundred generation to continue making us slaves, we are slaves in our fathers Land,
      any day they want to that ur fathers Land they will make one policy and push u into one bush pls don’t vote with any tribal sentment, don’t vote for religion, pls vote for integrity let us take our country back from this people, pls travel out and see what we are seeing here, we are in fire,
      go to every part of the world our brothers and sisters are in jail in one country or the other across the whole world cos they are running away to look for they greener pasture, tell me how the people in the country will survive when the companies that will employ them are relocating to another neighboring African countries
      May God help us
      Vote Wise even if the person is ur brother the same mama the same pape pls no vote for him,
      Vote for integrity

  13. Why are these politicians complaining now? This policy was announced since November 2022, what stopped them from swapping their ill gotten old currency until the last hour after over two months? They are the ones making life unbearable to the Nigerian masses.

  14. Currency re-desigbed is not new…it happens all over the world…but not as sudden as it was done here in Nigeria.
    In UK where I lives…I have witnessed about 3times of currency re-design…but you will never see any negative impact about i7.
    Boyh pld and new will be used along side for a minimum of 1yr.
    Buy rverything in Nigeria is abnormal…we will then be hearing different stories from the actors….so i really cannot explain our troubles.
    On yhr 1st place…the courts has no business in rconomic matters…they should stay clear…thr courts itself has been a big problem in Nigeria.
    In an advanced country thr CB. governor should have been fired…the moment hr wanted to contest for rlrctikn.

    Yhat position is for all Nigerians…..not an APC.
    Hr cannot be neutral to even safeguard election materials.


  16. Constitutionally the job of the CBN governor does not include monitoring of election spendings of the politicians, it is a job for INEC & EFCC so why is he doing another person’s job? or why should it be his job to peg withdrawal of cash at N20000 per day in order to punish the politicians? Is he aware that many businesses are already adversely affected & that many people are facing financial hardships as a result of his new withdrawal policy?I am beginning to wonder if he is an intelligent CBN governor like his predecessors.

  17. so thus buhari led govt are the once responsible for all this new naira note scarcity. Not just that; all the disheartening issues happening in this country they are the once responsible..
    Well, I ain’t got Notting to say to y’all until the election time comes then we would see who wins …
    No PDP No APC for us all…

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