BREAKING: ‘Unknown Gunmen’ kill Judge during court session


‘Unknown Gunmen’ have killed Nnaemeka Ugboma, the Chairman of Ejemekwuru Customary Court in the Oguta Local Government Area (LGA) of Imo State.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that ‘Unknown Gunmen’ is a catchall for the criminal gangs masterminding frequent bouts of abduction, maiming, and killings of citizens and security agents across the southeast part of Nigeria.

The slain judge, Ugboma

Ugboma was killed by gunmen who operated in motorcycles while presiding over a court session.

The incident brought the court sitting to an abrupt end as lawyers, court staff and litigants fled.

The slain jurist hailed from Nnebukwu community in Oguta LGA.

“He was killed in his court while sitting. His killers came with motorcycles. They came into the court, dragged him out and shot him dead and drove off.

“His corpse was there as people in court fled. The whole thing is confusing because nobody knew any reason while they killed him. He was from Nnebukwu community in Oguta LGA here,” a source said.

When contacted, the Chairman of the Owerri branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ugochukwu Allinor, who confirmed the killing said that the branch would communicate the public on its actions concerning the incident.

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  1. Oh Nigeria my Nigeria, being Heavily Drenched in Blood of Tax Paying and Patriotic innocent Citizenry. May The Soul of Your Honour Rest in Peace and may God of Justice bring all Perpetrators of this Dastardly act to JUSTICE in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen. . What Says NBA , What Says Imo State Government, What Says Nigerian (APC) Government, What Says The Indefatigable Nigerians.

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