BREAKING: Unknown gunmen kill Ogun government accountant, cart away millions

An accountant with the Ogun State Government, Taiwo Oyekanmi, has been shot dead by unknown gunmen in Abeokuta on Wednesday.

The gunmen also carted away millions of naira belonging to the Ogun State Government during attack.

Politics Nigeria understands that Oyekanmi, the Director of Finance at the Governor’s Office, Oke-Mosan, had picked up an undisclosed amount of money from a branch of Fidelity bank in Abeokuta, and was heading back to the office when he was waylaid by the gunmen.

Sources said the hooded gunmen, about five of them, intercepted the home-made bullion van while ascending the overhead bridge at Kuto and opened fire on the accountant.

It was further gathered that the hoodlums wielding sledge hammer broke the bullion van door went away with the government’s money.

Insiders said Oyekanmi and other aides who sustained gunshot injuries during the attacks were rushed to the State General Hospital, Ijaye, where the accountant died later on.

A source said that the police escort attached to the accountant was not part of the team as he had taken a permission to attend to family matters.


    1. All the staff around the slain accountant should be investigated particularly the police escort whose permission might have been an alibi.

  1. How did the robbers know about the movement of cash from Fidelity Bank to the governor’s office? Between the bank and the government house, someone may probably have leaked information about the movement of cash to the robbers.

    1. So unfortunate and very sad. It’s definitely an insider’s job. For me the investigation should start from the security arrangements and in particular, the police officer that took permission to be absent. Also, all the personnel with the knowledge of the cash movement should be interrogated.

  2. The police that excused himself from duty to attend family matters is to be picked up first he has a lot to say about the attak

  3. This is Nigeria you can anything’s can happen Na Nigeria you go see monkey Na Nigeria you go see snake let us just pray for country,,

  4. This is a tragic occurrence. The police escort who took a leave to attend to a family matter when he was supposed to be on guard duty must granted the opportunity to defend his actions first as the prime suspect in the robbery case. He will surely pinpoint the accomplices in the case. May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

  5. Hello ! This makes me remember an adage that says ” No smoke without fire” this one ‘ s glared, ‘s an insider plan, they tipped d robbers, and they completed d task, finito…….

  6. The police escort attached to the accountant must be held accountable for this act. How come he took excuse to attend a family function after he knew of cause they would be going to the bank for cash. He should be arrested. He is the mole

  7. The police escort should be subjected to discreet and thorough investigation. Why excuse from duty on a critical assignment? No stone should be left unturned. A husband, father, son, breadwinner and benefactor of a family and friends has just lost his life. This heinous crime should not be swept under the carpet.

  8. Na rat way dey house na dey call the ones outside to come inside, say food dey inside make Una come chop, alot of people have questions to answer.

  9. Why did he go to get a huge amount of cash from the bank without security escort. With proper investigation the culprit will be arrested soon.

  10. May God save us in this country…there could be someone in the midst of the movement who leaked the’s a pity

  11. The police escort must explain the family matters he had to attend to and why he gave a go ahead for the accountant to get a large cash sum without any security detail.

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