BREAKING: Youths hold solidarity rally in support of President Tinubu in Abuja

Youths affiliated with the Nigeria Civil Society Forum (NCSF) are currently at the Unity Fountain in the Business District Centre of Abuja for a massive rally endorsing President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his administration.

The rally, organized to counter what participants perceived as inaccurate narratives about the government, saw enthusiastic youths adorned in white T-shirts and Fez caps with the resounding message, “Jagaban is working.”

The rally attracted a diverse group of young participants who arrived as early as 9 am; all united in their support for President Tinubu.

The attire, marked by the symbolic white T-shirts and Fez caps, created a visually striking and cohesive expression of their endorsement for the administration’s policies and initiatives.

Carrying an array of placards, the participants conveyed their messages of support through impactful slogans and statements.

Phrases such as “Jagaban is working” were boldly displayed by the youths.

The organizers of the solidarity rally explicitly stated that their primary objective was to challenge what they considered to be incorrect portrayals of the current state of affairs in the country.

They asserted that President Tinubu’s administration is steadfast in its pursuit of various programs and policies aimed at national development.

During the rally, several participants expressed their perspectives on President Tinubu’s leadership and the importance of countering misinformation.

Many echoed their belief that the administration is making significant progress in various sectors, and the rally served as a platform for them to voice their support openly.

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    1. Every nigerian is currupt in one way or the other charity begins at home point out one individual that’s not currupt in this nigeria i accept that most politicians are currupt but but few among them are plesant if you’re blaming the current president of this admnistration for this misfortun of this country what will you do to people like Obsanjo, Babangida, Yaradua snr who people like Fela, Gani fawehinmi Dr Olando owoh are cring and shouting aloud so its now you want to blame some who’s trying expose what they havie
      beign covering since that make you beleieve in them i have so many things to tell and to remind us the evil the past gorverment has done to this nation.

    2. My God brothers and sisters, it’s good that you people are seeing from the angle I’m seeing from, some wicked elements are just there fighting against the betterment of our dear nation for their selfish interest, Please Jagaban keep up the good work, that is how they distroyed Goodluck Government, because he was not dancing to their tunes now they have Started again.

  1. Your future is stake if what I am reading is true. What a wasted generation of youths. You ve all sold your future to corrupt politicians and internal colonian masters. Lets see who will cry most.

  2. Your future is at stake if what I am reading is true. What a wasted generation of youths. You ve all sold your future to corrupt politicians and internal colonian masters. Lets see who will cry most.

  3. Indeed he is working and we can see the fruits of his labour. You are one of those fruits. God sees and is looking at your hypocrisy. Labour Union note these as the political thugs. If anything happen during your protest on 27th and 28th know that these the elements the DSS were referring to. Be watchful of them!

  4. You all should channel this energy to something meaningful than gathering yourselves to support an expired criminal who paid for his way to be come the president of this country.Shame on you and what you have turned out to be.Waste of oxygen

  5. The demonstration were done in some states few days ago and the Senate president came out and said they were sponsored by opposition, my question is who sponsored this one? This our government some times taking people for a fool what an impetus audacity after what Nigerians are going through right now this so call youths must be mad youths.

  6. Who is deceiving who.
    Is it NLC that feeds the masses or is NLC that raise the price of commodities.
    This one is political stuff.
    No youth in his right science will go out on protest Saying wat these abuja arranged ones are saying on their script

  7. Apc should have been smarter than make a shameful show of themselves. This monkey banana approach is time bound surely. Time shall tell if these truely represent the reality of the Nigeria youth

  8. Democracy is a mess in Nigeria, victims deceiving victims in the name of solidarity but criminals can not flourish in power if the oppressed are not accomplice shame on you all.

  9. It shall never be well with the youth involved in this and whoever sponsor this.. the cry of the suffering Nigerians will hunt you till death…

  10. We should not forget how bishops and clergy men were faked during the APC presidential primary. Keeping the youths poor is the easiest Way to get them do their bidding.Hunger doesn’t understand integrity.

  11. This one’s have obviously been paid.. sad to know 80% of them I’m sure are not Nigerian, there are people from other African countries paid to come and potray Nigerian youth.. God Almighty is watching you ooo President BAT and his cohort

  12. I stand with Jagaban.Let those cabals and their poor relatives buy this market very well.Nigerian,APC supporters, how market

  13. What manner of protest is this? Our youths have equally sold their souls to the devil. Help Nigeria O God!

  14. Somebody will still say the NLC is a toothless dog when your children are publicly endorsing a kind of suffering asif they are not in the country with us.
    Until we unite and see ourselves as the oppressed no freedom for the masses.
    All these display for #20,000.
    FG don finally suffocate us.

  15. Are they not hypocrites? Who is not aware of the bad governance in this regime? Let us stop deceiving ourselves.

  16. I can really see he is working, and his work has kept us in hunger and starvation, only God knows how much they paid you guys, keep eating up your futures rubbish

  17. This is strange and unfair. Everybody knows the present situation we are in Nigeria. These youths should fear God

  18. Most of this online or social info is the work of anthogonist. But what I know sure is that, this country Nigeria will by God’s grace be restore normal soonest, only if we all fear God in our dealing with situations.

    I can’t go by this say truly, this protesters are really supporting president Bola Tinubu, but it might be soon or longer, no actions of man can go without being rewarded accordingly by our Lord. No do this country,. But is it we human being who do not know anything, but being pushing or sponsoring by the enemy of the nation all because of what they(very few individual) are getting into their pockets. But Allah is washing everyone… It is when we agree to face the challenge collective with possible solution across, and stop blaming leaders that we can scort free.

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