BSN General Secretary says Nigerians need better life, not more religion

Bible Society of Nigeria General Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Pastor Samuel Sanusi said what Nigerians needed was better life, not more religion.

Speaking to stakeholders in Lagos, Sanusi claimed that the majority of the Nigerian population were impoverished, irrespective of their beliefs. The pastor said that most Nigerians were living in insecure lives arising from lack of access to good quality education, appropriate housing, good medical care, employment opportunities, safe and secure neighbourhoods.

He claimed he had not met a practitioner of any religion who did not complain about the aforementioned challenges and urged the leaders in the country to prioritise the welfare of Nigerians above all other interests and political and economic motivations.

The pastor advised that all Nigerians should strive to live a godly life, characterised by integrity, mercy, compassion, tolerance, sacrificial giving, and leadership. The qualities, the pastor said, are among the major tenets of holy living emphasised in the scriptures and are the pillars on which prosperous societies thrive.

Sanusi also said that the Bible Society of Nigeria would always strive to collaborate with the country’s leaders to provide an enabling environment for Nigerians to live their lives in accordance with the scriptures, as well as continue to facilitate life-transforming programmes to help improve the lives of Nigerians regardless of their religious beliefs.

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