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BUA, Lummus Technology sign contract for the construction of 285,000tpa Polypropylene unit

BUA, one of Africa’s largest conglomerates, has signed a contract to build a 285,000tonnes per annum Polypropylene Plant as part of its proposed grassroots BUA Refinery with Lummus Technology – a world leader in the construction of polypropylene projects, using their Novolen technology. According to both parties, the scope includes the technology license for a 285,000tonnes per annum polypropylene unit as well as basic design engineering, training and services, and catalyst supply.

Speaking on the signing, Abdul Samad Rabiu, Founder/Executive Chairman of BUA said, “We are pleased to sign this Polypropylene contract for our BUA Refinery and Petrochemicals Project with Lummus Technology, a world leader in delivering polypropylene solutions, which will solve the increasing demand for high-performance grade Polypropylene in Nigeria, the Gulf of Guinea as well as the Sub-Saharan Africa Region. We are confident in the capacity and technical expertise of Lummus Technology to deliver a best-in-class, 285KTA polypropylene unit for our refinery project scheduled to come on stream in 2024.”

In his comments, Leon de Bruyn, Lummus Technology’s President and Chief Executive Officer said, “We look forward to working with BUA Refinery on this critical project and supporting the first Novolen polypropylene unit in Nigeria.”. “Our world-class Novolen technology is well suited to meet Nigeria’s increasing demand for the growing petrochemical products market. It offers a flexible range of industry-leading products for all PP applications, and the industry’s lowest overall capital and operational costs, while providing customers with high process reliability and flexibility in responding to market needs.”

Recently, BUA announced a proposed 200,000barrels per day refinery and petrochemicals plant which would include a polypropylene unit to be built in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.

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