Bucknor: How Tinubu has divided Afenifere because of 2023 Presidential Ambition


A former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Senator Kofoworola Bucknor-Akerele has said that the 2023 Presidential Ambition of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC has led to the division of Pan Yoruba Organization, Afenifere.

Bucknor-Akerele made this comment in an interview with Daily Independent, She said that Tinubu knows he ‘cannot’ achieve his ambition based on the stance of Afenifiere leaders who are very principled.

“What led to the split of Afenifere is Bola Tinubu’s presidential ambition. He wants to be President of Nigeria and he didn’t see how he could achieve that under the Afenifere as it was because Afenifere has a very strict rule of operations”.

“They don’t just make anybody anything. They study you for years and see how you behave before they even let you go for councillor”.

“And you will see that in the old Western region. Because of that pattern, we had the best governance in Nigeria at that time. We had competent people, not people who came with money that was either stolen or from dealing in drugs and from there came into governance. That is not possible under Afenifere and Tinubu knows that” she said.

She also revealed that she quarrelled with Tinubu for refusing to cooperate with him to hijack the leadership of the group.

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  1. Your comment have no meaning to me,SHONEKAN did not get AFENIERE nod,OBASANJO did not get AFENIFERE nod,OSHINBAJO did not get AFENIFERE nod,but OLUFALAE got one,ABIOLA got one,pls. Stop all this.

    1. Cheap talk!.When did Afenifere or any other socio-cultural groups become the conscience of the teeming electorates that would now choose who becomes what in Nigeria?.What does this jobless polit-tricians call the people.You people should mind your individual home affairs and stop talking as if you mean anything to any and all of us.If Tinubu likes let him divide your nosy group with his money,its nome of our business.When you were his deputy you never realized he keep drug money.?Nonsense.To hell with all of una

  2. Mama, you see, the more you try to bring down this man, the more you and your co-travellers go into oblivion. Since you started your war of attrition on the Asiwaju, what have you gained? Do you think anyone is interested in this your belly ache? By the way, what is the relevance of your Afenifere today? How many councillorship do you control in the whole of South West. I beg, go and sit down. Your time is over and over for good.

  3. The problem in Yoruba land are all those people call them self Afenifere leaders.Presidency of Nigeria belongs to God and not those baba call themself Afenifere leaders.As for this woman she cannot even give instruction to my dog to obey her.2023 if Tinubu contest for president I will vote and my entire house will vote for him.
    Who made those impostors leaders in Yoruba land.

    1. This is what you people did to obafemi awolowo, could you remembered, akinloye & co. If northern youths can started campaign for tinubu now, why are you people like to kicked against ourselves selfishly. You better think twice.

  4. Which Afenifere, you Yoruba leaders of yesterday has caused damages to Afenifere, people like you and Baba Adebanjo destroyed Afenifere because of bellyache, in the case of Bola Ige and Olu Falae

  5. Madam, can you tell us the achievements of your so called Afenifere. What re their impact or what have they done to the people of South West except to backbite us and use us to enrich their pockets e.g. Odumakin of a man. Shameless elders.

  6. Mummy..please use your remaining days to rest and enjoy your pension with your Grandchildren..Lagos politics is not for you any longer..Asiwaju is the Man anytime anyday anywhere as far Politics is concerned in Nigeria as whole
    I will advise you Maa to go back to him and apologise then you will be noticed and recognise again in Lagos.he is a very kind and a good listener.

  7. Awolowo had gone with Afenifere and it ideology , all this old politicians without electora base, values and structures that can win Ward elections are just waisting their time. Only fools like them will listen to them.

  8. All well said my people. Una do well my people.what else do l say again after all you eminent people have spoken and commented beautifully and reasonable..You had encapsulated all that were in my head and brain. Kudos!!!!!

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