Coronavirus: How greedy individuals are milking Nigeria dry – Ayade


The Governor of Cross River State, Ben Ayade, has revealed that some greedy individuals are using Coronavirus pandemic to milk Nigeria and many other African countries dry.

He accused the Chinese government of using the deadly virus to promote their personal economy at the expense of others.

”Out there in the Western world; a businessman is fanning all of this, making sure they sell reagents. Indeed, my friend out of Switzerland, a Chinese, says he has made so much money importing reagents out of the Philippines and shipping to the world.

“So it has turned into a full-scale business. I can tell you this testing for Coronavirus has gone Ecopolitical. In the US for example, it is about the November elections and for some businessmen, it is about more reagents, more money.

“But for me, it is science, it is reality, and because a wrong mentality will give you a wrong reality, I will hold the right mentality”, he said on Channels Television.

The governor also noted that Nigeria is being exploited.

He added: “Why can’t Nigeria produce her test kits? Why can’t we have our own vaccination plants to produce our vaccines? Nigerians are endowed. Knowledgeable people by nature.”

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  1. It’s good to call a spare a spare, from beginning of this nonsense it all started by adding 5 numbers every day from there 8 to 10 daily, then lockdown or entire country still they numbers speed off relaxed lockdown oh!! hoo, has it never come to the level of suspicious that right from day one they increment never dropped even for 3 days as it was towards some country the disease hits badly, some follows never care if they economics of the country crippled, they ‘re after their benefits, as 8 people problem if at all can be turned to 48 so that entire country can now be under ttheir bondage

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