Coronavirus: Nigerians react to FG’s refusal to ban foreign travel


As the country records its third case of Coronavirus, Nigerians on social media have decried the Federal government’s refusal to place travel restrictions on visitors from affected countries.

POLITICS NIGERIA earlier reported how the Nigerian government promised to tighten its surveillance services rather than ban visitors from China, Italy, U.S and other countries with a high percentage of confirmed cases.

Coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19 has dealt a blow on the world economy and international engagements. Although Nigeria recorded the first COVID-19 case on February 24, a returnee from the United Kingdom tested positive on Tuesday.

“This is a new case independent of the index case of a 30-year-old Nigerian, female, who returned from the UK on 13th March,” Akin Abayomi, the Lagos State Commissioner for Health, said.

Meanwhile, Nigerians are demanding that the international airports be shut down with travel restrictions on some foreigners.

See the reactions below

The best time to ban travels from the US, Italy and other worst hit European countries is NOW.

A 30-year-old US-returnee just tested positive in Lagos. Currently receiving care at the Lagos state GH.

“For God sake, it’s not rocket science the border should be closed. This is not about religion. God will not come down and save us #CoronaVirusNigeria”

“You are just here shouting, do you think Buhari really care about you, all he cares about is the $22.7b he want to borrow from China. If he close border he may not get that money again and he needs to borrow more money in the future so no borders closure #CoronaVirusNigeria”

“I wonder why our leader is so daft and can’t do the needful for once. How can you close border for food importation but you can’t close border and airport for Corona virus importation? How?
At least for now we don’t want visitors, Chikena. #CoronaVirusNigeria #COVID19”

“instead of the federal government to place a ban on international travels now and shut down our airports they are busy forming index case tracing, when more than 10 people have this virus in Nigeria will you be able to trace everyone that has contacted them?”

“Hope our government is not acting Superman with this pandemic. Serious countries are issuing travel restrictions, even countries with fantastic health facilities are cautious. Hope we’re not deliberately inviting disaster!”

“They actually want more victims so as to be able to get the fund allocated for the virus by the world bank. If not what is stopping them from closing border when countries that are more medically equipped has close all their borders.”

“Nigeria government is playing with fire, and trying to use it’s citizens as experiment. If it happens, the aftermath will be devastating, where are the activists?, cos Pdp is waiting for worst so they can start criticizing, #actnowb42la8🙏🇳🇬”

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  1. Had it been it is the cows outbreak disease nigerian gov’t would have respond with immediate effect, pls nigerians let me ask; dont we have a speciality to care for human beings?

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