Coronavirus: Why Buhari is ‘Side-lining’ Osinbajo – Dele Momodu

The Publisher of Ovation Magazine and former presidential candidate, Dele Momodu, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of “playing political cards” with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Momodu berated the president in his weekly column, “Pendulum” on Saturday. He criticized the president for ‘side-lining’ the Vice president, Yemi Osinbajo over 2023 Politics. He wrote;

“It is unpardonable that Mr Buhari will totally ignore a man as modern, cerebral, diligent and conscientious as his own Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo SAN and instead ask the Secretary to the Federal Government, Mr Boss Mustapha, to handle what is a global crisis.”

“There are only two reasons why Professor Osinbajo is seemingly being side-lined. The first is the politics of 2023 and the second is the unforgivable feeling that he will upstage the President by once again delivering a stellar performance in governance.”

“Nobody knows what will happen in 2023, and I really don’t care for now, but we are all concerned about what is presently happening around us. As for upstaging the President, had this not been so tragic it would have been just plain laughable.”

Momodu adds that unless the president understands the importance of ‘team-work’, no significant progress will be made for the country.

He pointed out that all the ministers and governors should have been put under the control of the VP. It will be recalled that shortly after winning the 2019 general elections, President Buhari ordered his ministers to direct all their queries and needs to his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari instead of VP Osinbajo.

“All the relevant Ministers and State Governors should have been assembled under the central command of our Vice President. It is not remarkable to us that the only ray of hope shone when the National Economic Council headed by the VP met yesterday and immediately charted a course that the Presidential Task Force had found practically impossible.”

“I believe that this is a situation where all hands must be on deck. Even members of the opposition should be invited to offer their own advice, logistics and support like we saw in South Africa. Nigeria is not owned by APC and there is no reason to claim a monopoly of wisdom.”

He urged the President to quickly handover the COVID-19 taskforce to VP Osinbajo.

“The time to act and pass the mantle on to an astute visionary leader and commanding presence is now. Let the Vice President take the helm as Deputy Chairman, with the President as the National Chairman of the reconstituted task force on this damaging and debilitating COVID-19.”

“The Government must not fail, because that will mean all of us have failed”, he concluded.

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  1. That is what it initially looked like, but the NEC meeting on Wednesday created a special committee that’ll coordinate the FG and state governments, and it will be led by VP Osinbajo. I don’t think the panic is necessary at the moment, we only have 22 cases so far

  2. The VP is not sidelined he currently chairs the FG, State Committee. Also
    The President put SGF Boss Mustapha in charge because we still do not have that many cases and that it’s NCDC that is coordinating all activities sir

  3. May be it is good we get our facts right. The President is not sidelining the VP, to the best of my thoughts because the VP chairs the FG, State special Committee on Covid-19.

    The SGF, Boss Mustapha in charge is because initially we do not have that many cases and that before now the NCDC have been coordinating all the activities.

  4. After the NEC meeting on Thursday, the Vice President, Prof. Osinbajo was nominated to lead the Federal and State government’s response to the COVID19 pandemic in Nigeria. There is no sidelining of any sorts going on on this matter.

  5. How many cases of covid-19 do we have in Nigeria that requires the vice president?
    is he the minister of health Dele momodu just need another relevance it’s been a while he notices people heard his name on social media thanks to Davido for helping uncle Dele…. On social media

  6. The president is not sidelining the VP. Very recently, the VP was beside the President during economic advisory council meeting.
    The VP is clearly not folding arms In the fight against the pandemic. The VP is the chairman NEC on Covid-19, boss mustapha is leading the presidential committee with the centre for diseases control at the centre stage…they all have one common goal to make the pandemic a thing of the past without casualty.

  7. The fight against coronavirus is been properly managed at different level while Osinbajo chairs the FG, State Committee.

  8. It is senseless to say President Buhari is sidelining Osinbajo. Osinbajo heads Special committee that’ll coordinate FG, States’ response to Coronavirus pandemic.

  9. This Dele guy I don’t even understand the relevance you’re seeking these days, i hope it will impress you to know that Mr President is not sidelining the VP in any way, Osinbajo is already chairing other committees, perhaps the cases currently in Nigeria are not much yet so the NCDC are coordinating all the activities.

  10. Thanks to God that many are able to correct the unfortunate but important perception of Chief Dele Momodu,regards the VP ,I believe is more concerned about making sure that the precautionary attention giving to the CONVID-19 ,is handled by groups of professionals that will deliver effective results

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