COVID-19: Nigerians slam Buhari’s aide for attending public gathering


Nigerians on social media have slammed Garba Shehu, a media aide to President Muhammadu Buhari, for attending a public lecture amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This comes barely 48 hours after the Federal Government closed all schools in the country in line with global protocols of social distancing to curtail the spread of the deadly virus.

POLITICS NIGERIA gathered that the presidential aide had earlier publicised the meeting on his social media pages on Friday.

“Please find time to join us at the Barewa Old Boys Association (BOBA), 2020 Annual Leadership Lecture, where I will be speaking on “Media and Democracy: Challenge of Journalism,” he posted on his social media accounts.

Asides publicity, Mr Shehu also attended the Saturday event in Abuja, this paper confirmed.

However, Nigerians have condemned Mr Shehu’s action because several states have banned religious and social gatherings to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

It should be noted that the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases, rose from twelve to twenty-two on Saturday.

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@MrLekanAdigunI think Buhari should sack Garba Shehu and everyone in his government who attended this programme to serve as a warning to others. I don’t see any sense in telling others to comply with a directive in which your spokesman is flaunting clearly. It makes no sense to me

@ayemojubarGarba Shehu is doing more damage to Buhari’s govt than they could imagine. He’s making Buhari’s little efforts more invisible with his unconscious overlooks. Sadly President Buhari himself believes the instruments that will set standards can still tolerate some errors.

@Obi NwosuSome of you prosecuted Seyi Makinde, he listened and apologised. President Muhammadu Buhari’s SSA Garba Shehu will not give you any apologies. Rant all you want

@femiadebimpe In an ideal world, Garba Shehu shouldn’t have a job to return to. Knowing the style of the president that we have, this guy will be tweeting a policy decision for the presidency in a few hours from now.

@jeffphilips1 Shame on you @GarShehu, your emotional intelligence is lying below sea level, you and whoever minister there are a crying shame to the government you’re serving.

@AynLade waiting for how Garba Shehu will come and explain or apologise his way out of the stupidity he did today.a presidential spokesman who has shared info on the pandemic and even asks all Nigerians to follow instructions of NCDC, only for him to do the opposite. should be jailed.

@KvngKortezGarba Shehu’s attitude is an illustration of the tone-deafness and ignorance exhibited by the Buhari Presidency on National Issues…Trash lots. :middle_finger::skin-tone-5:

@Ediong That Garba Shehu’s conference is foolishness. How do you tell people not be stupid when you are displaying exactly that?

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  1. That’s all what happens in Nigeria. When the elephants are fighting it’s the grass that suffer. I have earmaked on employing this statement of mine earlier on only to insinuate the fact that ordinary Nigerians are always being the victims of penalty and facing consequences. We were imposed upon some purportedly proactive measures through which if adhered there will be less or no covid19 in Nigeria. Draconian recommendations of Western community applied on the lower class. Among the protocols to be duly observed are, social distancing, restrictions on movement, avoiding public gatherings, to mention but a few. People were cheated out of cruelty of the government by the so-called mobile court which some states set up. Huge amount of money accumulated from the angle. Very unfortunately, people like Garba Shehu who is so close to the president Is all breaking the law himself!

    The only just that the established committee fighting the plaque to punish him a severe punishment so it serves as deterrent to many others thinking to do the same.

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